Cake pans

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Baking sheet SILVER ELEGANCE 40 x 35 cm, black, steel, Guardini GD73735SEGNAM
Bundt pan GINGERBREAD HOUSE, silver, Nordic Ware
49,60 €
Cake pan BEEHIVE, for 6 minicakes, gold Nordic Ware
63,50 €
Cake pan DELIBAKE J1640574 36 x 24 cm, Tefal
28,99 € –10 %
25,99 €
Cake pan FROZEN SNOWFLAKE, silver, Nordic Ware
50,70 €
Cake pan HONEYCOMB, gold, Nordic Ware
57,99 €
Cake pan NEVERSTICK2 23 x 23 cm, non-stick, square, Eaziglide EZGIMN2CF23
Cake pan set, 3 pcs, steel, de Buyer
65,90 €
Cake pan SILVER ELEGANCE 24 x 24 cm, black, steel, Guardini GD74524SEGNAM
Cake pan TRAIN, 9 moulds, silver, Nordic Ware
60,90 €
Dessert mould 30 cm, mini semi-sphere, black, Lékué LKE0620220N01M022
Dessert mould HALLOWEEN, orange, silicone, Lékué LKE3900106N02M048
Forma na koláč 13 cm, červená, keramika, Staub
25,56 €
Forma na koláč 24 cm, bílá, keramika, Staub
39,06 €
Forma na koláč 24 cm, modrá, keramika, Staub
39,06 €
Round cake pan XBAKE 26 cm, blue, steel, Guardini GD10426PBSGNAM
Round cake pan XBAKE 28 cm, blue, steel, Guardini GD11028FPPBSGNAM
Tart dish 28 cm, cream, Emile Henry
41,49 €
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Baking pans - a must-have for everyone with a sweet tooth

What are the types of cake pans available in Kulina?

High-quality cake pan is half a battle when it comes to baking a great cake for a birthday party or Saturday dinner. Why is that? Premium quality cake pans conduct heat evenly so that the cake is perfectly baked. They also offer non-stick coatings that make it easy to remove the cake from the pan easily.

Baking pans offered in Kulina are made by brands specialising in baking, such as de Buyer, Lekue, Nordic Ware and Revol. Their baking accessories guarantee success and are made from different materials such as aluminium, steel, silicone, ceramic, or enameled metal. The choice of the material depends on your preferences and the type of cake you want to bake. And what cakes can you buy with Kulina's baking pans?

Baking pans available in Kulina include:

How to prepare your baking pans for use?

Even if your baking pan has a non-stick coating it may be useful to prepare your cake pans before putting the dough in the pan. There are two simple procedures for preparing your cake pan.

  • Grease the pan

This is the most popular method for giving your cake pans a smooth surface that resists sticking. To grease your pan, you can simply use some butter and breadcrumbs.

  • Use baking paper

This technique can contribute to ensuring that your cake slips out of the pan after baking without becoming stuck to the pan.