Knife blocks & racks

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Magnetic knife bar 34 cm, black, Yaxell
57,99 €
Magnetic knife bar 49 cm, black, Yaxell
77,99 €
Compact knife block FLEXTEC WMF bamboo
89,90 €
Garden toolbox URBAN FARMER, Wüsthof
238 €
Insert for knife block C3314 and C3315, Continenta
27,49 €
Knife block 25 cm, for 7 knives, silver, aluminium, Zwilling ZW35028200
Knife block 26 cm, brown, wood, F.DICK
75,86 €
Knife block Amici Wüsthof
442 €
Knife block ANGLED, aluminium, Eva Solo
95,90 €
Knife block ANGLED, black, Eva Solo
95,90 €
Knife block ANGLED, white, Eva Solo
96 €
Knife block CLASSIC, for 12 knives, wood, Wüsthof WU7246
Knife block FLEXTEMP bamboo, WMF
89,90 €
Knife block FLEXTEMP stainless steel, WMF
129 €
Knife block IKON, for 9 knives, black, wooden, Wüsthof WU7253
Knife block LEXICON black, Eva Solo
99,95 €
Knife block LEXICON grey, Eva Solo
99,95 €
Knife block NORDIC KITCHEN 25 cm, round, black, Eva Solo ES515295
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Knife blocks and knife racks – the best protection for your kitchen treasures

Knife blocks and magnetic knife racks are the best solutions if you want to protect your knives and as knives are very often quite a huge investment it’s good to make sure they stay in good condition for as long as possible.

Knife blocks – why are they good for your knives?

Kitchen knives should be stored separately. Otherwise, their blades will get blunt faster or may get chipped. Knife blocks offer you a safe storage option with separate slots for every knife. When buying a knife block you should take into consideration the number of knives you have and usually use, the size of available slots, the material from which the block is made and how it fits your kitchen design.

Make sure you clean your knife block regularly, especially if it’s made of wood which tends to keep moisture.

Are magnetic knife strips safe for your knives?

Magnetic knife racks are very handy and relatively safe for your knives. Make sure that you buy a quality knife strip and that the magnet is neither too weak nor too strong. A weak magnet may drop your knives and too strong may leave marks on their blades.

In Kulina we offer you quality knife strips and stylish knife blocks that often come with a matching knife set. And a knife block with knives makes one of the best wedding gifts so it’s an interesting idea to consider if you want to offer newlyweds something special. And make sure you check our bestselling knife blocks before you make up your mind!

Where do you put a knife block?

Put a knife block next to the place where you usually use a cutting board to cut foods. Put it on the right if you are right-handed and on the left if you chop with your left hand.

What knife storage method to choose?

Knife blocks are for sure very stylish and handy but you need to have a lot of space on your kitchen worktop. Magnetic knife racks mounted on the wall are also extremely comfortable but you need to be able to fix them safely on your kitchen wall.

Make sure your kids don’t climb up on your kitchen worktops as knives in a knife block or on a magnetic rack are easily accessible to them. If you have small kids it’s better to store your knives in your kitchen drawers and use a knife case or a knife block that fits in your kitchen drawer. It will provide you with separate slots for every knife and will be a safe, space-saving solution.