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Caramel syrup 250 ml, Nicolas Vahé
10 €
Syrup 1 l, caramel, Lie Gourmet
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Syrup 1 l, vanilla, Lie Gourmet
22,95 €
Syrup 200 ml, hazelnut, Lie Gourmet
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Vanilla syrup 250 ml, Nicolas Vahé
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Coffee blends that will let you enjoy Barista style coffee at home

What are the basic types of coffee?

Generally speaking there are four basic types of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica. They have different taste profiles with Arabica and Robusta being the most popular of them.

What are the most popular coffee drinks?

When it comes to types of coffee drinks there are some classics that every home barista should know and be able to prepare. These include espresso (regular, espresso doppio and espresso cortado), lungo, black, americano, flat white, cappuccino, café late and latte macchiato.

How to choose the right coffee for you?

When choosing the right coffee blend or beans, you have to take into consideration the type of coffee machine that you own, the brewing method that you use, the type of coffee drinks you most often make and obviously your personal preferences.

If you want to enjoy Barista style coffee at home you have to be sure you use a premium coffee blend, freshly ground beans, filtered water and a coffee maker or coffee machine that will let you brew your coffee like a pro. See our selection of legendary lever coffee machines or automatic coffee machines here or go for something smaller for slow-style coffee – a French press or stovetop coffee maker.

In Kulina we offer you different types of coffee blends (all high-quality) as well as coffee syrups that will add some sweetness to your white coffee drinks. The most popular coffee flavours are:

  • vanilla
  • caramel
  • hazelnut
  • cinnamon and pumpkin spice (especially during winter)
  • mocha

Choose the taste you like the most and enjoy your cup of coffee as if you were in your favourite café on the corner.