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Baking ring 12 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer
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Baking ring 14 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer
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Baking ring 20 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer
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Baking ring 22 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer
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Baking ring 6,5 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer
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Baking ring HEXAGON 10 CM, de Buyer
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Bread baking set, 4 pcs, de Buyer
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Cake cutters, set of 9 pcs, circular, de Buyer
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Baking pan – a must-have in every kitchen

Cake pans – all you need for a perfect sweet treat!

A baking pan is one of the kitchen essentials. Even if you don’t bake a cake every single Saturday you still want to make something sweet from time to tie (for birthday, special diner or family occasion) and a quality cake tin can certainly help you to make an impression on guests!

In Kulina we offer you a wide selection of different types of baking pans such as:

  • classic round pas for birthday cakes or your legendary New York cheesecake
  • cake pans in all shapes and sizes (check Kaiser and de Buyer for the widest selection of different shapes)
  • bundt pans perfect for Easter but also any other day of the year (make sure you check bundt pans by Nordic Ware – they are incredible!)
  • bread pans that are suitable not only for your homemade bread but also all types of pates or fruitcakes
  • muffin pans, a very useful tool for parents
  • ramekins for small desserts and little treats such as souffle
  • tart pans for sweet and savoury tarts and quiches

How to choose a perfect baking pan?

  • think of the type of cake you want to bake
  • think of which size you need – a small cake pan will be perfect for the two of you but may be not enough for a big family which craves a dessert after dinner
  • choose the right material for your pan. Silicone pans (such as those offered by Lekue) are very comfortable and allow you to take out your cakes easily even if they have a very creative shape. Steel pans offer non-stick coating and copper pans look like a million dollars in your kitchen

How to take care of your cake pans?

If you want your bundt pan or bread pan to last for a lifetime make sure you follow some basic rules such as:

  • don’t use tools that may scratch their non-stick coating (make sure you cover the pan with some butter and bread crumbs or add some oil to make your cake pop out easily)
  • some manufacturers recommend greasing your cake tin before storing
  • it’s better to hand-wash your cake pan and if you want to use a dishwasher make sure you check the instructions provided by the manufacturer.