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Food vacuum set FRESH & SAVE, set of 7, white, glass, Zwilling ZW1002503
Kitchen storage jar, set of 4 pcs, grey lids, Brabantia BRAB122422
Salt and pepper shaker set, with acacia base, WMF
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Spice containers DEPOT, set of 4 pcs, WMF
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Vacuum seal food storage container FRESH & SAVE L 2,3 l, Zwilling ZW368043000
Vacuum sealing set FRESH & SAVE, 7 pcs, Zwilling
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Cake tin HERITAGE, set of 2, creme, steel, Mason Cash
Cake tin IN THE FOREST, set of 3, creme, steel, Mason Cash
Cruet set DE LUXE, WMF
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Cruet set DE LUXE, WMF
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Food storage container 1,05 l, rectangular, glass, Lékué
Food storage container 1,52 l, rectangular, glass, Lékué
Food storage container 320 ml, square, glass, Lékué
Food storage container 370 ml, rectangular, glass, Lékué
Food storage container 520 ml, square, glass, Lékué
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Food storage container 640 ml, rectangular, glass, Lékué
Food storage container 650 ml, round, glass, Lékué
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Food storage container 800 ml, square, glass, Lékué
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Food storage container 950 ml, round, glass, Lékué
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Food storage container, set of 3 pcs, rectangular, glass, Lékué
Food storage container, set of 3 pcs, square, glass, Lékué
Kitchen storage jar DEPOT 1 l, WMF
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Kitchen storage jar DEPOT 1,5 l, WMF
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Kitchen storage jar DEPOT 2 l, WMF
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Food storage containers - for the perfect organisation of your kitchen

Nowadays, the relentless, daily pressures of work and maintaining personal commitments at home barely leave room for cooking meals on a daily basis. Rather than order takeaways all the time, many people opt to prepare meals in advance and stock food to last them for a few days.

Even if you choose not to prepare meals in advance, there are always some leftovers from a previous meal you might want to store for the next day. Alternatively, you may want to store grains, wheat and rice in conveniently sealed jars. Storage containers are by far the best choice for all these purposes. At Kulina, we have a wide range to choose from. So choose the food storage containers that not only appeal to you the most but also fulfil the function you have in mind.

Dry food containers are also crucial when it comes to the perfect organisation of your kitchen space. They let you organise your pantry and kitchen cabinets in a way that is comfortable, handy and practical. Transparent food containers make it easy to see what's inside, what needs to be bought, etc. Make sure your dry food containers have sealed lids so that your food does not absorb moisture from the air and stays fresh for longer.

Which are the best brands for food storage containers?

Food storage containers are simply indispensable. Kulina has food storage containers for every situation and brands such as Brabantia, Eva Solo, WMF, Tefal and Koziol are at the top of the list when it comes to food storage containers. From preserving leftovers for breakfast, lunch or dinner the next day to storing pre-prepared meals for the busy week you have ahead of you. Our food storage containers and lunchboxes feature airtight lids that ensure no external agents can enter the container and contaminate your food.

Food storage containers featuring the latest innovations and technology also ensure your food remains fresh and bacteria-free. With such benefits, you can rest assured that the food you serve will be healthy for you and your family.

Which materials are used for food storage containers?

  • Ceramic - a hygienic and safe option for food storage
  • Glass - a very good, elegant choice for every kitchen
  • Plastic - very popular, lightweight

Is it better to store food in glass or plastic containers?

It depends on what you want to store. If you are looking for storage containers for dry food you can easily go for plastic, glass or ceramic container. All materials are great for it. But if you are looking for a container for prepared meals or leftovers that will be kept in the refrigerator, it is best to choose glass containers to do so. Although plastic containers are lighter in weight and extremely practical, they may release chemicals when kept in refrigerators, just as can do when they are heated.