Make your American dream come true with the Liiton brand and enjoy your glass of whiskey in extraordinary circumstances and with unique crystal glasses that will release even more aroma and cool your whiskey in just a few seconds...
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Liiton - a brand for whisky lovers

Liiton is a brand that has been making waves in the whisky industry with its unique range of whisky glasses and accessories. Their products - whisky glasses and carafes, have gained popularity among whisky enthusiasts and collectors for their innovative designs, functionality, and high-quality materials.

What's so special about Liiton products?

Liiton's most notable products are their Mount Everest and Grand Canyon glasses the design of which was inspired by the majestic beauty of nature. The design of the glasses is truly unique, providing a stunning visual experience for whisky drinkers.

But a unique mountain range design of the glasses is not the only feature differentiating the brand from others of its kind on the market. Liiton products are also:

  • solid and durable
  • made from 100% lead-free glassware
  • characterised by heavy-weighted bottom
  • sold in sets with carafes
  • make great gifts for whisky connoisseurs

Apart from glasses - sold in sets - Liiton offers also carafes, trays and coasters to complete your whisky-drinking and serving experience.

Liiton - whisky glasses that enhance the whisky-drinking experience

The innovative design and high-quality materials used in Liiton's products let you also chill your whisky in seconds. How? Put the glasses in the freezer and take them out right before serving whisky to your guests. Pour the whisky. The mass of the glass base and of the mountain design chills the whiskey without diluting it like ice does. You don't have to mess around with whiskey rocks either.

Liiton's products, designed by both design and whisky specialists - are perfect for whisky enthusiasts who appreciate not only the taste of their drink but also the unique design and beautiful look of the whisky accessories. The brand's glasses are not just for show, as they are also designed to enhance the whisky-drinking experience. The material and the form of the glasses, keep the whisky at the perfect temperature, without diluting it with water or ice. This allows drinkers to fully savour the flavours and aromas of the whisky.

Liiton products make perfect gifts for him, for a father, brother, friend or your work colleagues or business partners so make sure you check out Liiton's offer in Kulina before you pour yourself another glass.