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Burger press, Outdoorchef
Burger press, Outdoorchef
In stock (1 pcs)
20,90 €
Citrus fruit press TOP TOOLS, WMF
43,99 €
Citrus fruit press YELLOW CATCHER, Joseph Joseph JS20028
Citrus fruit squeezer CALLISTA, Blomus
56,05 €
Citrus fruit squeezer GOOD GRIPS 350 ml, plastic, OXO OXO11263400
Citrus fruit squeezer HELIX, yellow, Joseph Joseph JS20101
181415 odstavnovac juicy salif alessi stribrny 1
85 €
Citrus fruit squeezer, Eva Solo
28,80 €
Citrus squeezer GRAND CRU 250 ml, black, Rosendahl
24,95 €
Garlic peeler DUO, red, silicone, Joseph Joseph
12 €
Garlic press HELIX, green, Joseph Joseph
21,60 €
Garlic press INGENIO K2072614, black, Tefal
19,99 €
Garlic press PROFI PLUS L 17,5 cm, WMF
32,90 €
Garlic press PROFI PLUS, WMF
43,90 €
Garlic press ROCKER, green, Joseph Joseph
17,40 €
Garlic press, with glass container, stainless steel, Eva Solo ES567625
Nutcracker GOOD GRIPS 17 cm, black, stainless steel, OXO OXO11350300
Nutcracker GOURMET, WMF
Nutcracker GOURMET, WMF
In stock (5 pcs)
21,90 €
Nutcracker TANNENBAUM, 17 cm, silver, Philippi
34,90 €
In stock (19 pcs)
21,90 €
Potato press HELIX, white, Joseph Joseph
34,30 €
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Presses & squeezers – handy helpers in your kitchen

How to make your work in the kitchen more efficient?

Using different types of kitchen presses and squeezers can make your cooking easier and faster. If you wonder if a potato press, a nutcracker or a manual fruit juicer is worth the money, the answer is yes. Using your hands to squeeze citrus or using a spoon to mash potatoes is always an option, but if you process these ingredients often, you should think of making your job in the kitchen more efficient. If you make a certain culinary task quite often, buying yourself an appropriate kitchen accessory that will make the task easier is certainly worth it.

Presses and squeezers available in Kulina

In Kulina we offer various kitchen accessories and among our presses, you will find:

How do I care for my kitchen presses and squeezers?

Kitchen presses and squeezers are essential equipment for preparing a range of dishes, including mashed potatoes, sauces, pasta, and juices. The durability of these tools can be prolonged with proper care and upkeep. Here are some tips for cleaning your kitchen presses and squeezers:

Clean after each use: Ensure that you give your press or squeezer a thorough cleaning right after using it to get rid of any leftover food. Scrub away any debris with a gentle brush and warm, soapy water.

Dry thoroughly: Make careful to completely dry your press or squeezer after cleaning it. Before putting it away, remove any moisture with a clean cloth and make sure that every component is clean and fully dry.

Store properly: Keep your press or squeezer dry and safe in your kitchen drawers or utensil organisers. Make sure you organise your utensils in a way that those used most often are always at hand.