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Tea warmer YIXING 15 cm, black, cast iron, Bredemeijer
Loose leaf tea organiser, 6 cans, black, Bredemeijer BRED184009
Matcha whisk BAMBOO, Viva Scandinavia
24,95 €
Tea bag organiser, 12 compartments, black, Bredemeijer BRED184008
Tea bag organiser, 6 compartments, bamboo, Bredemeijer BREDTBC06BN
Tea bag organiser, 9 compartments, black, Bredemeijer BRED184007
Tea filters, 100 pcs, Kusmi Tea
6,60 €
Tea filters, 50 pcs, Viva Scandinavia
7,95 €
Tea measuring spoon EXPRESS, 14 cm, Viva Scandinavia
9,95 €
Tea storage jar 1 l, Continenta
30,49 €
Teapot lid MAGIC GARDEN BLOSSOM, Rosenthal
38,49 €
Teapot warmer CAST 14 cm, black, Nicolas Vahé
30 €
Teapot warmer HUNAN, black, Bredemeijer
31 €
Teapot warmer JANG, black, cast iron, Bredemeijer BREDG005Z
Teapot warmer MARCEL 17 cm, silver, Philippi
79 €
Teapot warmer THEO 15 cm, black, Stelton
44,95 €
Teapot warmer THEO 15 cm, sand, Stelton
44,95 €

Accessories for tea lovers – essential items for every tea connoisseur

Tea is arguably the most popular and common beverage. It is one of the oldest herbal drinks available and has long been a favourite with elites, including royal families, and ordinary people.

Individuals who regularly drink tea must be familiar with the phrase "tea connoisseur." A tea connoisseur is someone who has a profound love and enthusiasm for tea and is extraordinarily enthusiastic about it. They are knowledgeable about the many varieties of tea, production methods, and intricacies, and of course, they will enjoy drinking tea.

As a tea connoisseur, what are the essential things I need?

It's a universal pleasure to have a cup of tea and making tea is a ritual people all around the world love to cherish.

In Kulina we offer many practical products for tea enthusiasts (including teacups, teapots, tea infusers, mugs and more), tasty blends but also lovely accessories listed below. You can also check our tea-making and serving shopping guide which will let you brew tea like a pro.

  • Tea filters & bags

Tea filters are often made to contain loose tea leaves while allowing water to pass through and infuse the tea. Tea bags are tiny, porous containers that can hold specified amounts of tea leaves.

They are both often made of heat-resistant paper, cloth, or mesh. They are practical and simple to use, requiring just hot water to steep and brew the tea.

  • Tea measures & scoops

Tea scoops and measures are equipment used to measure loose tea for brewing. They are used to guarantee consistent and precise measurements of tea leaves for brewing, which can influence the strength and flavour of the resulting drink.

  • Tea storage containers

Tea storage containers are jars that can hold tea bags, loose tea, or additional accessories like scoops and filters. These are intended to shield the tea from factors that might damage its flavour and quality, such as air, light, and moisture.

Tea storage containers usually include airtight seals or lids that preserve the tea and stop it from absorbing odours from its surroundings.

  • Tea warmers

Tea warmers are equipment that keeps tea warm and at the right temperature for a long time. They vary in a variety of sizes and designs, but they usually have two main components: a heating source, which is often a little candle or electric heater, and a container or plate on which the teapot is set.

  • Tea cosies

Tea cosies are coverings that are used to maintain a teapot's temperature and its contents for a long time. Tea cosies can also be decorative as it provides a unique touch to teatime.