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Kids cutlery set DISNEY PRINCESS, 6 pcs, WMF
59,90 € –15 %
50,91 €
Kids cutlery set FROZEN DISNEY, 6 pcs, WMF
59,90 € –15 %
50,91 €
Kids cutlery set SAFARI, 6 pcs,WMF
42,90 € –15 %
36,46 €
Kids dinnerware set AWAY, 3 pcs, porcelain, WMF 3
32,90 € –15 %
27,96 €
Kids dinnerware set MICKEY MOUSE DISNEY, 6 pcs, WMF
59,90 € –15 %
50,91 €
Kids dinnerware set PAW PATROL, 6 pcs, WMF
59,90 € –15 %
50,91 €
Kids dinnerware set THE LION KING, 6 pcs, WMF
59,90 € –15 %
50,91 €
Kids dinnerware set UNICORN, 6 pcs, WMF
54,90 € –15 %
46,66 €
Kids cup, set of 3 pcs, 160 ml, silicone, Done by Deer DBD1929599
Kids dinnerware set AFRICA, 3 pcs, Koziol
21,95 €
Kids dinnerware set FARM, 3 pcs, Koziol
21 €
181295 sada detskeho nadobi giro alessi oranzova 3 ks 1
42 €
Kids dinnerware set ZOO, 3 pcs, Koziol
21 €
Kids divided plate PEEKABOO, blue, silicone, Done by Deer DBD1719842
Kids lunch bag BEAR 20 cm, blue, 3 Sprouts
23 €
Kids lunch bag DEER, 20 cm, pink, 3 Sprouts
23 €
Kids lunch bag LAMA, 20 cm, orange, 3 Sprouts
23 €
Kids lunch box LION 20 cm, yellow, 3 Sprouts
37 €
Kids lunch box LLAMA 20 cm, pink, 3 Sprouts
37 €
Kids lunch box SLOTH 20 cm, grey, 3 Sprouts
37 €
Kids mug PEEKABOO RAFFI 275 ml, green, silicone, Done by Deer DBD1819833
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Kids Dinnerware – the companion your kids need to commence their self-eating

Kids Dinnerware - it's so much fun!

Kids’ dinnerware is perfectly suitable for little hands to hold. It is typically designed with patterns that are attractive and appealing to children. It is often composed of resistant materials that can be dropped to the ground without breaking.

Kids' dinnerware items include split plates, cups, and bowls, often with handles or a suction base. Children will be thrilled to use their dinnerware, and parents can relax knowing that the small ones are using a set of dinnerware that is safe, non-toxic, and sanitary.

Why do I need to get my kid a set of kid's dinnerware?

Infants' nutritional needs change very significantly as they grow into toddlers. When young toddlers transition from purees and little finger food to "big kid" meals, this dinnerware for small children is perfect because it's too soon for your kids to use adult-size cups, plates, bowls, spoons, and forks. They can accidentally throw them off the table or... bite.

At the same time, it's very important for the kids to learn how to self-feed as eating is obviously one of the most important skills necessary not only to survive but also to socialize, go to kindergarten, etc. Make it fun for your kids to be involved and eat by themselves when having the family over for supper.

What are the types of materials used in making kids' dinnerware?

  • Silicone

Premium food-safe silicone is a non-toxic substance that resists odours and stains. It also bends easily and is durable. It can withstand heat and lasts longer than plastic.

  • Plastics

Plastic is a tough substance that often withstands use in the microwave and dishwasher. Plastic dinnerware for kids is also lighter than stainless steel, making it simpler for a toddler to grip. Make sure the material your kid's dinnerware is made of is free of BPA and other harmful substances.

Kids' dinnerware is not only plates and bowls but also special cups that are suitable for little kids or that are equipped with non-drip spouts. And since kids love to walk with their cups in hand, they are also made of impact-resistant materials, so you won't have to worry about anything.

Kid's dinnerware offered in Kulina

In Kulina we offer a wide choice of attractive plastic or silicone kid's dinnerware, manufactured by reliable brands specialising in kid's products or dinnerware and cutlery. Choose among the offer by such brands as 3 sprouts, Done by deer and WMF and see how your child gets more independent day after day! In Kulina you will find:

  • colourful kids bowls (often with suction base)
  • kids-friendly plates with one, two or three compartments
  • kids' dinnerware sets
  • kid's dinnerware sets with bibs
  • kids food jars
  • kids' cutlery sets