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Cooking school

Create a story of your home!
With Kulina and... Chefparade!


Since 2007

Long-standing tradition

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More than

250 000 participants

of cooking courses


Organized more than

50 000 cooking courses

and other events


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12 000 positive reviews

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Take a look at what we have cooked up for you!

At Chefparade you are the most important ingredient so even if it's just you, the course will take place. Cooking is a good thing to enjoy with a group of people or friends and food tastes the best when you can share it with someone else but a one-to-one course with our chef will also be a tasteful adventure, don't you think?

That is why, we in Kulina care not only about the scene but about the story taking place within it. Your home, your kitchen and if you want to have it filled with tastes, wonderfull smells and life Chefparade cooking schools are the right choice to spark your inspiration in one of the many cooking events available, whether it be a cooking course, company team-building, a wedding or a private party.


Cooking courses for beginners
as well as more advenced cooks


Cooking courses
for kids


For companies we organize
company team-buildings


private parties
for tourists and anyone else

Why try one of the cooking courses?

  • Everyone can cook! And in Chefparade cooking school, we really believe it. Because cooking is not only about preparing food and mastering skills. It's much more than that! It's about fun, discovering new flavours and aromas, being together, experiencing, trying something new, sometimes laughing and sometimes... sighting with delight over what you have managed to achieve on a plate, even when you have never cooked before!
  • Put your aprons on because during our cooking classes you are the one who will be cooking - you slice, you grate, you fry, bake or simmer. You will also be serving the food and tasting it to the very last delicious bite. That's what we call hands-on courses but wait! Well, we do one thing... We clean the whole mess up!
  • We offer over 50 courses to choose from with dishes from all around the world.We believe that everyone can cook and that's why our classes are for beginners, fans of cooking and experienced cooks.
  • The courses take place at our professional, fully equipped locations - at the cooking studio in Prague or a country farm, in Bratislava, Košice and Budapest. The country farm is ideal for a company team-building or a rustic-themed wedding.
  • Our participants (over 100,000 over the past 15 years) say they had 5 stars experience with us and that's why they often come back (please see the opinions and check the ratings online!) This is because we not only teach you how to cook. We show you that cooking is discovering new flavours and having fun.
  • We provide you with all ingredients, tools, and drinks and after the classes, we send you all recipes so that you can show off with what you have learnt at home. Plus, we clean the kitchen for you!
  • Our experienced chefs make cooking easy and fun. They are masters of European and Asian cuisine and experts in sushi, meat, and sweets. They share their knowledge in an accessible way so that you can always reconstruct the menu you cooked in the studio at home.
If you are visiting Prague, Bratislava, Košice or Budapest, do try one of our courses
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