Alfa Forni

Alfa Forni offers made in Italy, high-quality indoor and outdoor, domestic and professional pizza ovens suitable not only for pizza but also for baking, grilling, roasting and stewing. So Italian, so beautiful, so tasty!
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Outdoor pizza oven NANO, copper, Alfa Forni
1 234 €
Pizza oven base CIAO, grey, Alfa Forni
400 €
Pizza peel, adjustable length, Alfa Forni
140 €
Pizza utensils in a set, 4 pcs, Alfa Forni
372 €
Pizza utensils set PIZZAIOLO, 12 pcs, Alfa Forni
555 €
Standing base for pizza oven NANO, copper, Alfa Forni AF10038
Wood holder 37 cm, Alfa Forni
101 €
Wood holder 59 cm, Alfa Forni
144 €

Alfa Forni - pizza ovens for your garden

If you're a pizza fan looking for a premium-quality pizza oven to add something new to your outdoor cooking menu or if you are bored with traditional grilling, Alfa Forni is the right choice. This Italian company has been producing some of the best pizza ovens on the market for over 40 years, and they continue to be at the forefront of innovation and design.

Founded in 1977, Alfa Forni has been dedicated to producing high-quality outdoor pizza ovens for both home and commercial use. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product range to include gas, wood and hybrid pizza ovens.

Passion, craftsmanship and excellence

At the heart of the Alfa Forni brand is a commitment to excellence in both design and functionality. The brand's mission is to provide customers with the tools they need to prepare and serve an authentic, wood-fired pizza in their own backyard. Alfa Forni strongly believes that everyone should have access to high-quality outdoor cooking equipment and that making a perfect pizza should be no harder than making a regular BBQ, and their vision is to make that a reality for people all over the world.

Alfa Forni's ovens - pizza ovens like no other

Alfa Forni's product range includes a variety of pizza ovens - both domestic and professional - to suit different needs and budgets. Their most popular models include the Alfa Pizza and the Alfa Stone, both of which are designed to be easy to use and provide excellent results. They also offer a range of larger, commercial-grade ovens for restaurants and other food service businesses.

What sets Alfa Forni's pizza ovens apart from the competition is their attention to detail and commitment to quality. Each oven is handcrafted in Italy using only the finest materials and an Italian sense of... beauty. Alfa Forni pizza ovens are designed to be easy to use and maintain. They feature innovative designs and technologies that help to ensure even cooking and perfect results every time.

In recognition of their commitment to innovation and design, Alfa Forni has received numerous awards over the years. These include the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, and the Good Design Award. These awards are the best motivation for the brand to go further and push the boundaries of outdoor cooking even harder.

What do people love about Alfa Forni's products?

Users appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every oven. They also love the versatility of these ovens, which can be used not only for making pizza but for a variety of other dishes as well such as grilled or baked fish, roasted vegetables, seared, smoked or slow-cooked meats, roast potatoes, and jacket potatoes or freshly baked focaccia. And of course, they love the delicious, wood-fired taste that these ovens produce. In Kulina we strongly believe that this is the best part!

Alfa Forni's products are popular with both home cooks and professional chefs, and they can be found in homes, restaurants, and other food service businesses all over the world. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor cooking enthusiast or just getting started, an Alfa Forni pizza oven is sure to take your culinary skills to the next level.