Staub stands for legendary, traditional French roasting pans, cast iron pots and dishes, grill pans and WOKs. Their top quality and unique style are recognized all over the world. These are dishes for years!
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Caserolle pot COCOTTE 28 cm, round, white truffle, cast iron, Staub ST11028107
Casserole pot 24 cm, black, cast iron, Staub
230,09 €
Casserole pot 26 cm, black, cast iron, Staub
295 €
Casserole pot 26 cm, cherry, cast iron, Staub
279 €
Casserole pot 28 cm, self-sealing lid, black, cast iron, Staub ST12612825
Casserole pot 30 cm, graphite gray, Staub
353 €
Casserole pot 31 cm, sea blue, cast iron, Staub
398 €
Casserole pot COCOTTE 24 cm, round, white, Staub
235,89 €
Cukřenka 250 ml, červená, keramika, Staub
34,31 €
Forma na koláč 13 cm, červená, keramika, Staub
25,56 €
Frying pan 20 cm, wooden handle, cast iron, Staub
136 €
Frying pan 24 cm, wooden handle, cast iron, Staub
156 €
Frying pan 26 cm, cast iron, Staub
178 €
Frying pan 26 cm, wooden handle, cast iron, Staub
175 €
Jídelní miska 1,2 l, červená, keramika, Staub
25,77 €
Jídelní miska 1,2 l, modrá, keramika, Staub
25,77 €
Jídelní miska 400 ml, sada 4 ks, šedá, keramika, Staub ST405081520
Jídelní miska 700 ml, červená, keramika, Staub
21,64 €
Kuchyňská lžíce 31 cm, na rizoto, hnědá, silikon, Staub ST405031080
Lid handle LOBSTER, silver, Staub
27 €
Lid handle ND M, brass, Staub
22 €
Lid handle PIG, silver, Staub
23,29 €
Lid handle RABBIT, silver, Staub
24 €
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Staub - a must-have for every kitchen

Staub company which specializes in manufacturing enamelled cast iron casserole pots and oven dishes was founded by Francis Staub in 1974 and is currently owned by Zwilling J. A. Henckels - a German company that also owns Zwilling, Ballarini, Miyagi, Demeyere and Henckels Int.

Home is where the Staub’s cocotte is

Staub brand originated in Merville, France, and it’s where its high-quality cast iron casserole pots and Dutch (or rather French) ovens were created, combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

The idea behind the Staub brand was to offer pots and bakeware that would last for years and let people share their love and passion for cooking. And this is exactly what every Staub's product says with its reliable quality and beautiful, glossy look.

Why are Staub products worth their price?

  • Staub’s pots are very heavy and heavy cast iron has better thermal mass than any other material. As a result, the Duch oven dishes and casserole dishes hold heat for longer and are perfect for serving food on the table
  • the dishes are not only heavy but also thick which makes Staub ceramics highly resistant to chipping and durable
  • Staub has brought the process of enamelling their products to perfection and multiple enamel layers add to chip and scratch resistance. The strong enamel also provides a non-stick surface for casserole dishes which makes them easy to clean
  • a lid like no other - the specially shaped lid of Staub’s cocotte has excellent moisture-retention properties thanks to its self-basting system that ensures a continuous rainfall effect evenly over the dish’s contents. This prevents the meat from getting dry, vegetables remain tender and each ingredient retains its full flavour
  • the interior of all Staub pots is enamelled with a high-quality black matte finish with ideal properties for searing, roasting and caramelizing food
  • cast iron preserves the nutritional values and full aromas for every ingredient
  • Staub pots and other bakeware are made to last for generations so there is no need to replace them after several years, which means you save money and the environment
  • Staub cookware is available in a wide range of colours that give them a farm look and that will look good on any dining table.

To sum up, it looks as good as it cooks! No wonder professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts all over the world love this brand and you can spot Staub’s pots in the best culinary shows and in the kitchens of the best restaurants and chefs.