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Dustpan and brush in a set, Eva Solo
59,95 €
Touch top bin BO 11 + 23 l, matt black, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO 11 + 23 l, platinum, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO 36 l, matt black, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO 36 l, white, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO, 36 l, platinum, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin TOUCH BIN 36 l, champagne, Brabantia BRAB304583
Pedal bin BO 36 l, matt black, Brabantia
190 € –15 %
161 €
Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, dark grey, Blomus
50,95 €
Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, grey, Blomus
50,95 €
Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, light grey, Blomus
50,95 €
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, black, Blomus
81,55 €
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, white, Blomus
81,55 €
Bathroom bin TUBO 3 l, creamy, Blomus
28,05 €
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Waste bins - don't think 'smelly', think 'stylish'!

Which waste bins are best to use at home?

The following waste disposal bins are good picks for your home:

  • Pedal bins
  • Touch bins
  • Composting bins
  • Recycling bins
  • Swing-top bins
  • Slide out waste bins

Kulina offers a wide range of waste bins in different attractive designs for your home. If you need to frequently dispose of compostable waste, and you don´t have access to a compost heap in a garden, you may find our composting bins extremely useful. If you want to improve your environmental credentials even further and want to recycle more effectively, then our recycling bins are also a good choice. Both are effective ways to make a contribution to a better, greener planet for all, which is something we encourage enthusiastically.

Waste bins for effective waste disposal

Kulina stocks waste bins from well-known brands such as Brabantia, Blomus and Joseph Joseph. With a little bit of help from us and these brands, you can make waste disposal well-organised, easy, safe and elegant. We also stock bathroom bins, pedal baskets, swing-top bins, slide bins and so much more. You name it, we have it. What's more, our waste bins are not only practical and high-quality but also stylish and elegant, so take a look and see what appeals to you as the best waste disposal solution for your home. We are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Is it necessary to use bin liners?

The simple answer to this age-old question is, yes. Bin liners prevent food from sticking to the bottom of any bin and liquids from seeping and causing a mess, thereby keeping your bins clean and odour free. They also make removing waste so much easier and safer, protecting you from harmful bacteria that can build up in these areas. That said, it’s not a reason to be less careful when doing so. The secret is to make sure you select the right size of bin liner for the bin, so nothing can fall between the bin liner and the bin.

Disposing of waste is easier said than done though, right? Despite your best efforts to keep everything clean, tidy and smelling fresh, there are times when you encounter an unpleasant smell in your kitchen. Sometimes it's a matter of a bin whose lid lets unpleasant smells through, other times it's the fault of poor waste handling (taking out the rubbish too infrequently, throwing leftover meat, fish, etc. into the bin).

Whatever the problem is, you can ensure your lovely home smells fresh, with pedal bins, touch bins, slide-out bins, bin liners and more products from Kulina. We have our ways to make your life more comfortable. So take a look at what solutions we have to offer to make your household chores that little bit more bearable.