Travel coolers

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Cooler box KX25, 25 l, olive, Petromax
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Cooler box KX25, 25 l, sand, Petromax
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Cooler box KX50, 50 l, olive, Petromax
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Cooler box KX50, 50 l, sand, Petromax
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Travel Coolers – a perfect companion for your holidays

Travel Coolers - your hot summer days best friends

A travel cooler will maintain the ideal temperature of your food and beverages while you are on a road trip. Whether you want a budget-friendly model to keep your lunch chilly or a large enough cooler to start the party, we have got a product for you.

Why Purchase a Travel Cooler?

The primary advantage of purchasing a travel cooler is that it can keep your food cold and therefore safe to consume while you're on the road, but there are other many wonderful reasons to think about having one:

  • You'll not have to worry about carrying numerous bags with food and drinks - you will pack all that you need in one sturdy container.
  • You can make your own ice cubes with ice moulds and take them with you so you'll never have to buy them again.
  • Having a large travel cooler will let you save money and eat healthier as you will be able to take a lot of homemade food with you whether you go to the beach or to the lake. It is very helpful if you or your kids have any dietary restrictions or food allergies or if you monitor your calories.
  • Having a travel cooler means none of your food (salads, sandwiches, etc.) is crushed when you get to your destination
  • Your travel cooler can also be used to keep medications cool, ensuring that your insulin or other temperature-sensitive medications won't be spoiled while on the road.

How to choose the best travel cooler?

  • Capacity

The number of drink cans or bottles and additional ice required to keep them chilled is frequently used to describe a cooler's capacity. Unless you have little space in your car, the inside capacity is, in many respects, considerably more significant than the outside dimensions.

  • Materials and Durability

Travel coolers constructed of plastic protect the food inside against crushing and are lightweight, tear-proof, waterproof, easily washable and leak-proof.

With a broad selection of sizes, colours, and capacities to suit your precise needs for your next holiday, Kulina offers travel coolers from brands like Polarbox and Petromax.

The stylish travel coolers by Polarbox feature not only a very attractive retro design available in a great range of pastel colours but also can float on water which can be great if you spend your holidays at the swimming pool. Just imagine the sun, the swimming pool, and you lying on a pool mattress... You reach out and grab a cold watermelon and drinks from a stylish travel cooler. Yeah, it's definitely worth it!

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