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The French brand de Buyer is the master of pans. It has been producing iconic steel pans since 1830. And not only them. Discover the world of French gastronomy with de Buyer.


Steel or non-stick?

Which pan is right for you?


Steel pans by de Buyer

They have truly perfected the art of making pans at de Buyer. A steel pan is like wine, the longer and more often you use it, the better it gets.

  • pans for life - with proper care they will outlive you
  • naturally non-stick - becomes non-stick when you use it
  • great results - perfect steaks, fluffy pancakes
  • 100% natural - steel is an ecological and recyclable material. No chemicals, just lubricated with love and care with beeswax.
  • suitable for all heat sources, including induction

Choose your steel pan by de Buyer

When to choose a steel pan?

  • you want a quality pan to last a lifetime
  • for all heat sources, also suitable for the oven
  • a pan that conducts heat evenly and you can heat it to high temperatures, e.g. to sear meat

What to watch out for

  • water - steel is a natural material so it rusts water. The pan should be not put in the dishwasher and you should not let it soak. Clean with a sponge and hot water and dry well immediately. Or... just wipe it with a paper towel after use. Do as the French do - they simply don't wash the pans.
  • first use - steel becomes non-stick with use. Before the first use, it is necessary to season your pan, to "bake" it.
  • black colour - yes, a proper steel pan will never be silver again but don't worry about it. As the French say - the blacker the better.
  • weight - steel pans are heavy, but they are 40% lighter than cast iron. They also heat up faster.

If you want a proper pan to last a lifetime, choose a steel one. The magic ingredient in French cooking is butter, but the secret to success is the right pan.


Quality pans made of cast light aluminium with a highly durable non-stick coating.

  • 100% safe for health - without PFOA and PFOS
  • light and excellent heat conduction - thanks to the aluminium core
  • extremely durable non-stick layer - it makes preparing food and cleaning the pan easy
  • the shape remains the same - thanks to the thickness of the material
  • suitable for all heat sources, including induction

Choc Resto Induction collection has been designed for optimal heat conduction and accumulation. Thanks to the extra thick layer of aluminium (5 mm) and the special ferromagnetic bottom, it is ideal for induction. However, it is suitable for all types of heat sources.

Choc B Bois collection is equipped with a comfortable beech handle finished with beeswax that protects the handle from heat (e.g. on gas stoves) and simplifies the grip.

Choc Extreme collection has been developed for professional kitchens. It has a 7mm strong magnetic bottom, an extremely hard surface and a great product lifespan 

Choose a non-stick de Buyer pan


When to choose a non-stick pan?

  • you prefer light pans, steel or cast iron are too heavy for you
  • you need a second, lighter pan that you can toss around, e.g. for eggs or pancakes
  • you like simple and quick cooking
  • you want to cook with a minimal amount of fat

What to watch out for

  • cheap = probably won't last long, the cheap non-stick top layer will scratch off soon
  • light = thin pans seem great in the hand, but they warp quickly. And you won't fry anything evenly with them anymore
  • PFOA = perfluorooctanoic acid. Cheap non-stick coatings contain this substance and it is released when the layer is damaged. It is harmful to health (it is a potential human carcinogen and can also cause infertility)

Non-stick pans are popular. They are easy to handle and are often "the second pan" in the kitchen. You usually have to replace them quite often, the cheap ones every one or two years, or even after a few months. De Buyer non-stick pans will serve you much longer. Thanks to their great properties, they are lighter than steel pans but slightly heavier than cheap aluminium pans.

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