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Ramekin 9 cm, sada 2 ks, červená, keramika, Staub
25,77 €
Ramekin 9 cm, sada 4 ks, červená, keramika, Staub
44,58 €
Ramekin 9 cm, sada 4 ks, slonová kost, keramika, Staub ST405081570
Ramekin 9 cm, sada 4 ks, šedá, keramika, Staub
44,58 €
Ramekin 9 cm, sada 4 ks, tyrkysová, keramika, Staub
44,58 €
Ramekin ALEXANDRIA 6,2 cm, Revol
6,50 €
Ramekin ALEXANDRIE 7,5 cm, REVOL
7 €
Ramekin ALEXANDRIE 8,5 cm, REVOL
8 €
Ramekin FRENCH CLASSICS 10 cm, 250 ml, brown, REVOL RV615069
Ramekin FRENCH CLASSICS 9 cm, 230 ml, REVOL
8 €
Ramekin FRENCH CLASSICS 9,4 cm, 170 ml, REVOL
7 €
Ramekin FRENCH CLASSICS L 10 cm, 300 ml, REVOL
9 €
Ramekin FROISSÉS 170 ml, white, REVOL
10 €
Ramekin miska Fade 9 cm 110 ml MIJ
6,59 €
Ramekin with lid LEGIO NOVA, Eva Solo
32 €
Sauce bowl STEEL GREY 8,5 cm, 100 ml, MIJ
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Zapékací mísa 10 cm, sada 4 ks, červená, keramika, Staub ST405081580
Zapékací mísa 10 cm, sada 4 ks, slonová kost, keramika, Staub ST405081610
Zapékací mísa 10 cm, sada 4 ks, šedá, keramika, Staub ST405081600
Zapékací mísa 10 cm, sada 4 ks, tyrkysová, keramika, Staub ST405081590

Ramekins - great single-serving dishes

The traditional definition of a ramekin is a small, straight-sided ceramic or glass single-serving dish used for baking and serving. Ramekins are often used when making desserts like crème brûlées, crumbles and cheesecakes but also for small portions of savoury dishes. Ramekins can also be used for serving small portions of food during parties and banquets.

What are the benefits of baking in a ramekin?

Since ramekins are generally cylindrical in shape and small in size, they're ideal for baking single-portion desserts. They are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe and work well as tart pans or muffin pans. Ramekins are perfect for souffle and other mouth-watering desserts which you can serve straight from the oven to the table. Bon appetit!

Creative cooks use ramekins for dips, pies and even creamy soups. They're also ideal for serving snacks like nuts or dried fruit.

Ramekins are also handy for those people who live alone or just with a partner. After all, unnecessarily baking additional portions of food that will sit in your fridge for days is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of food. Zero-waste cooking is not only economical but also good for the environment.

Are ramekins durable?

Ramekins are manufactured to be reusable and resilient. They are also resistant to high temperatures which makes them versatile kitchen dishes great for cooking, baking and refrigerating. Just think of all the gorgeous things you could make – individual chocolate cakes, crème brulées, tiramisu and mousses, to name but a few What are you waiting for? Take a look at what Kulina has to offer and get started right away. Then sit back and enjoy the results of your culinary efforts with family and friends.

Kulina offers ramekins in different styles - including those made by Bitz and Revol. Revol is a French company that is well-known for a high quality of its products.

Is it necessary to pre-prep the ramekins before baking in them?

Most ramekins are comparatively small. As a result, the heat in the oven can easily get to the middle of the mixture. To prevent your dessert from burning, baking hard or overcooking, it is advisable to place the ramekin in a water bath. In all cases, check the manufacturer's instructions beforehand. Some ramekins are even pressure-cooker safe or useable in microwaves.