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Milk pot 1,7 l, WMF
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Milk pots – small and cute pot for every kitchen

What is a milk pot?

A milk pot, sometimes called a milk pan, is a small pot with a high and slim body that prevents splattering. It is also equipped with a comfortable, curved or straight handle and a spout that allows for easy pouring of liquid into a mug or a jug. Sometimes milk pots don’t have a spout but feature a wide rim that allows for clean pouring. Most of the milk pots offer inside measurements that allow for accurate dosing of liquid. All this makes them perfect tools for cooking and heating liquids of all kinds.

What do you use a milk pot for?

Although the name may indicate otherwise, milk pots may be used not only for warming up the milk. They can be used for:

  • heating milk, cocoa, water or sauces,
  • foaming milk for your coffee,
  • boiling eggs,
  • preparing sauces, custard, gravies,
  • melting butter, chocolate, etc.
  • warming up child’s food or small portions of food

In Kulina you will find some elegant and practical milk pots with handles that combine flawless ergonomics with heat insulation for maximum safety and comfort. Check also our shopping guide on pots here to see what kind of pans you may need and which materials to choose.

How to take care of your milk pot?

If you want your milk pot to stay with you for ages, make sure you follow these rules when cleaning it after use:

  • always read the manufacturer’s instructions before the first use and make sure you don’t put your pot into a dishwasher if it’s not recommended,
  • don’t use metal utensils that may scratch the surface of your pots use wood or silicone kitchen utensils instead
  • avoid leaving dirty milk pot overnight or soaking it for a long time (especially if it is made of stainless steel),
  • if you want to get rid of stains on the surface of your stainless steel milk pot, clean it with a stainless steel cleaning product,
  • avoid temperature shock, don’t put a hot milk pot into cold water, etc.