Tea & coffee glasses

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Espresso glass NERO, set of 2 pcs, 80 ml, double-walled, Blomus BM63652
Caffe latte glass, set of 2 pcs, 320 ml, double-walled, Blomus BM63655
Coffee glass COFFEE TIME 225 ml, set of 4 pcs, WMF
21,90 €
Coffee glass NERO 200 ml, double-walled, Blomus
27,50 €
Latte macchiato glass BARISTA, set of 2 pcs, double walled, WMF WM951722040
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Tea and Coffee Glasses – An elegant way to have your drinks served

Your daily coffee routine or a tea party with friends will seem more sophisticated with our coffee or tea glasses. Our tea and coffee glasses are classy and beautiful, adding a special and modern edge to your regular tea and coffee consumption.

We also have double-walled glasses that are ideal for iced coffee or tea since they help keep your beverages cooler for longer. Our double-walled coffee and tea glasses are made also to keep hot beverages warm and your hands safe, making them ideal for the wintertime when you want to stay warm and cosy.

Looking for something else than tea and coffee glasses? Explore all of our mug options and also check out cups and saucers available in Kulina.

How do I care for and maintain my tea and coffee glasses?

Caution is always advised when handling and cleaning your coffee and tea glasses. Unwanted odour and pollutants can be retained by improperly cleaned and dried tea and coffee glasses, which will impact the taste of your beverages.

Always hand wash each pair of your tea and coffee glasses before using them for the first time. To lessen the possibility of mechanical stress, avoid soaking them with other glassware. Use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth with warm water and an appropriate detergent when washing it.

Avoid putting your tea and coffee glasses in the dishwasher if you want to avoid ugly water stains or breakage. Putting your double-walled glasses in the dishwasher may also result in water getting between the walls of your glass.

Where is the best place to store your tea and coffee glasses?

Set up a tea & coffee station near the place where you keep your kettle. Put your teas and tea and coffee accessories above the kettle in the kitchen cabinet (but not too high, as you will be using your glasses, mugs and teapots quite often).

In Kulina you will find a wide offer of modern tea and coffee glasses from reliable manufacturers such as Viva Sandinavia, Blomus, WMF and Zwilling. We also have a variety of coffee makers for you to use to prepare your coffee.