Water carafes

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Water carafe BASIC 1,5 l, WMF
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Water carafe 1 l, champagne, glass, Eva Solo
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Water carafe 1 l, mocca, glass, Eva Solo
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Water carafe 1 l, smoke, glass, Blomus
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Water carafe EAU GOOD 800 ml, clear, glass, Black+Blum
Carafe ELIZA 1 l, grey, ceramics, Philippi
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Fliptop lid for Eva Solo water carafes
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Fruit skewers for water carafes, WMF
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Iced tea carafe INFUSION 1,4 l, black, Viva Scandinavia VS30501
Iced tea carafe MINIMA 1 l, Viva Scandinavia
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Iced tea pitcher TEA JAY 800 ml, grey, Blomus
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Iced tea pitcher TEA JAY, 800 ml, cream colour, Blomus BM64286
Lid for water carafe PERFECTION, 5,5 cm, Holmegaard HMG4802317
Spare cooling insert for ACQUA COOL carafe, Blomus BM63536
Water carafe 1 l, 100% drip-free, Eva Solo
38 €
Water carafe 1 l, brass lid, glass, Eva Solo
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Water carafe 1 l, emerald green, glass, Eva Solo
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Water carafe 1 l, Eva Solo
Water carafe 1 l, Eva Solo
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Water carafe 1 l, with insulating cover, grey, glass, Eva Solo ES567973
Water carafe 1 l, with wooden lid, Eva Solo
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Water carafe 1 l, yellow, glass, Eva Solo
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Water carafe 1,4 l, Eva Solo
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Water Carafes – an elegant way to serve your water

The most common type of carafes is wine carafes but carafes can also be used to serve other liquids, such as water, fruit juice, or whiskey. In fact, water carafes are used more and more often and you can often see them on the tables in restaurants and homes.

Why water carafes are so popular?

Carafe as a vessel looks much more refined than traditional water jugs. Additionally, more people drink water nowadays which also makes water carafes more popular. Staying hydrated is important for our health so no matter who or when comes to your home a water carafe filled with cool water with lime or mint is always a good beginning.

Moreover, you can make your water even more attractive by enhancing its taste with some herbs and fruits such as raspberries or strawberries. Most water carafes have a size that allows them to be kept on your fridge door which makes your water even tastier and great for hot summer days.

The water carafe offers an elegant presentation of cold drinks and it looks even better if you get yourself a set of matching tumblers.

What are the differences between Wine Decanters and Water Carafes?

A wine decanter's main purpose is to allow the wine to breathe. The oxygenating process requires a sufficiently enough surface area with air exposure. Decanters, therefore, are crucial when you want to serve dry red wine.

The purpose of a water carafe is to store and serve water in an elegant way but its shape allows also for a firm grip even when the carafe is full and pretty heavy.

These two serving vessels differ from one another in terms of tradition, popularity and design but both are a great way to serve drinks to the table so make sure you have one of each - at least!

How do I care for and maintain my water carafes?

Hand-wash all glass carafes with soap and a sponge in warm water. Avoid using a dishwasher or hot water since the glass might break. As soon as possible after you wash the carafe, wipe it dry to avoid water stains. You can also buy special brushes for washing your carafe safely.

You can browse our selection of water carafes from renowned manufacturers like Blomus, Eva Solo, and WMF for an attractive presentation and drinking experience. Some of them have additional isolating features such as isolating covers, are drip-free, suitable for both hot and cold drinks or have interesting shapes for example that resemble traditional plastic water bottles.