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de Buyer is a French tradition of baking and cooking, which you will easily introduce into your kitchen. Sweet or salty? Buy the accessories from de Buyer and decide.
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Frying pan MINERAL B ELEMENT 24 cm, de Buyer
60 € –27 %
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Frying pan MINERAL B ELEMENT 28 cm, de Buyer
97,65 € –25 %
73,10 €
Bag clips, set of 8 pcs, de Buyer
7,90 € –20 %
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Baguette tray 40 cm, set of 3 pcs, de Buyer
79,10 € –20 %
63,28 €
Baker's blade 14 cm, one-sided, blue, de Buyer
9 € –20 %
7,20 €
Baking mat 30 x 40 cm, non-stick, de Buyer
9,59 € –29 %
6,75 €
Baking mat 40 x 30 cm, silicone, de Buyer
27 € –25 %
20 €
Baking mat 40 x 30 cm, silicone, de Buyer
21,71 € –26 %
16,06 €
Baking mat 60 x 40 cm, non-stick, de Buyer
16,94 € –30 %
11,70 €
Baking mat 60 x 40 cm, non-stick, de Buyer
20,12 € –31 %
13,85 €
Baking mat for macaroons 40 x 30 cm, de Buyer
26,90 € –20 %
21,52 €
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De Buyer - because every recipe holds a secret

The heritage and the skills passed down for generations

Established in the Val d'Ajol in the Vosges the de Buyer company is a true "Made in France" family-owned business focusing on high-quality, heritage, French tradition and skills passed down through the generations.

The story of de Buyer starts in 1830 with the production of cutlery in a small smithy in Val d’Ajol from metals mined in the local area. The company was always working with culinary professionals to develop and produce ‘true’ utensils that people need and use, working with a range of materials (steel, coated aluminium, stainless steel, copper etc.) corresponding to the different cooking methods that characterise traditional French cuisine.

From the very beginning the company was open to innovation in order to improve the quality of its household products and the knowledge and expertise has been passed down from parent to child. As a result, de Buyer owns know-how that together with devotion to traditional French cooking, modern technology and passion for their work, make the brand and its products a must-have for many famous chefs from all around the world who know that having the right cooking tools is crucial for the success of their recipes.

"Half the job of a good chef is to have the right products, elaborated by passionate craftsmen who give us the chance to bring a recipe to the highest level" Michel Roth

De Buyer – the mission and values behind the legendary cookware

De buyer’s goal for generations was to design and manufacture utensils that precisely meet the needs of both professional and home cooks. De Buyer company has a deep respect for its family’s and local heritage and the French culinary tradition. For almost 200 years, authenticity, passion for tasty and nutritious cuisine and commitment have been the core values of their business.

De Buyer has been awarded a "Living Heritage Company" label by the French state, but the company not only follows traditional manufacturing methods but also cares for responsible and educated consumption. The products are made to last, the company protects the beautiful Vosges area where it operates and it is the first culinary-sector business in France that recieved a "exemplary level of CRS commitment" label from AFNOR for the care taken to ensure the well-being of its employees. Having a positive impact on society and the environment and contributing to the region’s economic influence are the basis of de Buyer’s approach to business.

Michel Roth, who is the company’s ambassador explains: "De Buyer epitomises all the values I hold dear: faithfulness, simplicity, respect, work, craftsmanship, commitment to the local region. They also demonstrate excellence without pride. These are rare qualities and they are what make the company stand out."

De Buyer products – for your kitchen, for ages, for generations

All de Buyer’s products are great quality tools that every cook – a home one as well as a professional cook – would like to have in his kitchen. In Kulina you will find different product ranges and different series, which will serve you well and which will make great presents for cooking freaks or newlyweds. Choose from:

You may also want to use and decorate your kitchen with copper cooking pots that are the crème de la crème of de Buyer catalogue and that are every chef’s dream.