Pizza ovens

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Outdoor pizza oven CIAO, silver gray, Alfa Forni
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Outdoor pizza oven NANO, copper, Alfa Forni
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Pizza oven base CIAO, grey, Alfa Forni
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Standing base for pizza oven NANO, copper, Alfa Forni AF10038
Wood holder 37 cm, Alfa Forni
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Wood holder 59 cm, Alfa Forni
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Pizza ovens – satisfy your cravings anytime and anywhere

What are the benefits of using pizza ovens?

There are various advantages of using a pizza oven to make handmade pizzas, including:

  • Faster cooking time: Pizza ovens can quickly reach high temperatures, resulting in a faster cooking time for your pizza. This means your delicious handmade pizza will be ready in a matter of minutes.
  • Even cooking: Pizza ovens are built to evenly cook pizzas. This is because they transfer heat evenly throughout the cooking surface, ensuring that your pizza cooks equally all over.
  • Versatile: Pizza ovens are useful for more than just baking pizzas. They can also be used to prepare other foods including bread, roasted vegetables, and meats.
  • Authentic flavour: Using a pizza oven offers your handmade pizza an authentic flavour that a normal oven cannot match. This is because the pizza oven's high temperature simulates the elements of a traditional wood-fired pizza oven, resulting in a beautifully crispy and tasty pizza.
  • Fun and enjoyment: Making your own pizza can be fun and your guests, as well as their kids, will have a great experience when designing the pizza for themselves.

Can a pizza oven be used to make other dishes?

Yes, a pizza oven can be used to make dishes other than pizza. Pizza ovens are versatile and may reach extremely high temperatures, making them ideal for cooking a wide range of dishes.

A pizza oven, for example, may be used to roast vegetables, foccacia, bake bread, cook meats, and even produce desserts such as pies or fruit crisps.

Furthermore, the wood-fired flavour that a pizza oven can give to foods can add a unique and delectable touch to your favourite dishes.

Can a pizza oven be used at outdoor parties?

Yes, a pizza is great for outdoor parties. Pizza ovens are becoming more prevalent for backyard gatherings and outdoor events since they provide a fun and unique experience for your guests. They offer a unique and exciting element to your event by allowing visitors to design and make their own pizzas.

Outdoor pizza ovens are available in many sizes and types and can be powered by wood, gas, or electricity. Some pizza ovens are portable, allowing them to be easily moved to different locations.

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