Brabantia is a world-famous brand that turns ordinary everyday objects into interior decorations as if by magic. A bread bin, a waste bin, a laundry basket - they can all be stars in your home!
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Kitchen storage jar, set of 4 pcs, grey lids, Brabantia BRAB122422
Sink caddy with liquid soap dispenser, grey, Brabantia BRAB302602
Toilet paper holder RENEW, soft beige, Brabantia
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Touch top bin BO 11 + 23 l, matt black, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO 11 + 23 l, platinum, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO 36 l, matt black, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO 36 l, white, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin BO, 36 l, platinum, Brabantia
208 €
Touch top bin TOUCH BIN 36 l, champagne, Brabantia BRAB304583
Pedal bin BO 36 l, matt black, Brabantia
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Spare roll holder, matt steel, Brabantia
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Spare roll holder, platinum, Brabantia
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Toilet paper holder, platinum, Brabantia
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 Bread bin FALL FRONT 46,5 cm, polished steel, Brabantia BRAB163463
Baking accessories in a set, 4 pcs, green, Brabantia
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Bathroom accessory set RENEW 3 pcs, soft beige, Brabantia BRAB223280
Bathroom bin MINDSET, mineral grey, Brabantia
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Bathroom bin MINDSET, mineral white, Brabantia
20,49 €
Bathroom organiser, grey, Brabantia
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Bathroom organiser, white, Brabantia
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Bathroom organisers set RENEW 3 pcs, soft beige, Brabantia BRAB223501
Bathroom sink caddy RENEW soft beige, Brabantia
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Bin bags A PERFECTFIT 3 l, 200 pcs, Brabantia
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Brabantia – because doing your household chores can lift you up!

Brabantia is a world-leading provider of household products for home organisation, storage, cleaning, laundry and food preparation. What’s the story behind this family business and what are the ideas that Brabantia follows?

Brabantia – the history behind the brand

Brabantia – a Dutch family-owned company - was founded in 1919 in the Netherlands, in the province of Brabant, by a great-grandfather of the present fourth generation of owners Van Elderen who produced his first milk cans and jugs. The first pedal bins were produced in 1952 and the first iconic design called Patrice with brown and cyclamen flowers comes in 1969. Now Brabantia can be found in stores all over the world with offices and production facilities from Austria to the US, and from China to Finland. It can also be found in millions of homes, restaurants, stores and offices worldwide.

Brabantia – let’s make household chores a pleasure

The idea behind Brabantia's design is to make doing household chores easier, faster and more enjoyable.

As Brabantia’s CEO Tijn says: "We know a lot of people do not like doing chores. But we spend up to 6 years of our lives doing them. And time is too precious to waste. Why not enrich your everyday routines, learn to love them? Take pleasure in doing the little things, let them lift you. (...) At Brabantia, we are here to help, with beautifully designed product concepts for pleasurable living and giving. Concepts with promise, which are made sustainably and leave a better world for generations to come. And for you to enjoy."

Brabantia loves sustainability

When talking about the ideas that Brabantia company follows, it’s impossible not to talk about sustainability. Brabantia loves our planet and it has made a commitment to move to a circular design by the year 2035! In fact, they started recycling before the word was even invented by turning tins for condensed milk into new cups in the 1940s. But products’ recyclability is only one of the faces of Brabantia’s commitment to the Earth. Its products are durable and have more than one function, their waste bins are designed for separating waste, drying racks and rotary dryers for natural drying, jars that prevent food waste and even smart ironing board covers for more effective ironing. As you can see, being environmentally friendly is one of Brabatia’s biggest missions and it stands behind the design of every single product.

Cooperations with artists and design awards

In order to provide its customers with an enjoyable home cleaning experience Brabantia cooperates with different designers and artists. In 2015 Brabantia teamed up with Orla Kiely, the internationally renowned London-based designer with a love for pattern, colour and texture, described by The Guardian as ‘the Queen of Prints’. Her retro-inspired prints match Brabantia style perfectly and turn waste bins in stylish home decorations.

During over 100 years of its history, Brabantia has won many prestigious design awards such as Dutch Design Award (DDA) or iF Design Award (for The SmartLift rotary dryer). In 2019 Brabantia has won the prestigious GIO Award and the Special Award for Originality with the Bo Touch Bin for ‘turning a waste bin into an elegant interior object'.

The products and their quality

Brabantia offers good quality products for modern spaces. Their most popular products include:

All Brabantia products have been developed, produced and tested based on a high-quality standard and Brabantia gives its customers 2 up to 10 years of warranty (depending on the product).