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Gifts for men

A gift for your partner, brother or father, who appreciates quality. Forget infantile socks and would-look sexy shorts and get inspired by our tips on gifts that will make him feel like a real man.

A man for life, is a man with a knife

Either in his pocket or in his kitchen. There should be a proper knife under the Christmas tree. Or maybe a sabre? A New Year's Eve sparkling wine opening with a sabre can be the highlight of your New Year's Eve. A pocket knife can be used by a hiker, a camping enthusiast or a manager, just choose the right style for your man.

Popis Popis Popis

Steaks like butter

A set of steak knives is a great choice for every BBQ fan. No more jerking meat on a plate - knives with sharp serrations can handle it with one move. And forks with extremely sharp, pointed tips will pierce asparagus or beans like no other. Moreover, thanks to the wooden gift box the cutlery is stored safely and without any scratches.


Cooking meat is not rocket science
(unless you measure it)

This meat thermometer is a real hit in Kulina. And it's no surprise. It is really smart. With the extended Bluetooth range of up to 50 m, you can monitor the degree of doneness even from the cellar or from the garden. You can also choose the manual or automatic mode - choose the type of meat from the predefined automatic settings or set the temperature and time by yourself for the meat to be done exactly as you like it. An ideal gift for all meat lovers and fans of useful gadgets.

Popis Popis Popis

A flask is a similar piece of equipment to a pocket knife. It may seem like a cliché, but sometimes there are situations in life when this kind of first aid kit may save many nerves and marriages. Equally popular gifts are home bar accessories such as shakers, glasses and all that is necessary for preparing cocktails.



Iconic coffee machine

The first espresso machine was born in 1905 in Italy (obviously). The beautiful La Pavoni lever coffee machines are not only traditional devices for preparing coffee, but most of all, a piece of jewellery in their owner's home. The speed at which the water passes through the coffee is fully in your hands, i.e. in the lever. This may seem a bit old-fashioned, but you can be sure that your cup of morning coffee is tailored to your needs.

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Anti stress decor BALLANCE 15 cm, black, Philippi
79,90 €
Anti stress decor MALO DELUX 10 cm, silver, Philippi
19,90 €
Anti-stress decor ball DECISION MAKER 5 cm, silver, Philippi PHP201006
Beer glass BEER CLASSICS LAGER, set of 4 pcs, 630 ml, Spiegelau SP4991971
Beer glass NOBLESSE 600 ml, Nachtmann
18,90 €
Business card holder CUSHION 10 cm, silver, Philippi
34,90 €
Business card holder NIC 10 cm, black, Philippi
28,90 €
Cocktail shaker GRAND CRU 20 cm, Rosendahl
53,95 €
Cocktail shaker in a cocktail set MATRYOSHKA, WMF
69,90 €
Corkscrew WINE, WMF
Corkscrew WINE, WMF
In stock (9 pcs)
46,90 €
Cutting and serving board NORDIC KITCHEN 22 x 44 cm, Eva Solo ES520410
Cutting board 38 x 25 cm, brown, bamboo, WMF
29,90 €
Cutting board OPAL NEST , set of 3 pcs, plastic, Joseph Joseph JS60122
Cutting board VLAJKA L 40 cm, American walnut, UBRD UBRD114LAO
Cutting board VLAJKA L 40 cm, oak, UBRD
142 €
Grill thermometer BLOCK, set of 2 pcs, wireless, Meater MEATER1BLOCK
Grill thermometer MEATER PLUS, wireless, smart, Meater MEATER1PLUS
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Best gifts for him

How do I get him an ideal gift?

Looking for the ideal present for the man in your life? Whether he enjoys sports, or technology, or is just a guy who appreciates a thoughtful present, we've got you covered.

Whatever the man in your life is interested in, there is bound to be the ideal gift for him. So, spend some time considering his interests and what he would value, and you're sure to locate the ideal present to express your love for him. The first step in choosing the ideal present is to think about your recipient's hobbies and interests and to speculate on what he could value at that time.

This might be something extravagant like a new culinary gadget for experimenting with new dishes, a chef's knife, a set of steak knives or some new grilling tools.

The next thing you do is to set your budget. When you're planning for your gift, set a price range you can afford. Chances are that your partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort and that you didn't drain your bank account in the process. You can conveniently shop with your budget here on Kulina, from a wide range of prices.

How to choose a perfect gift? What aspects should you consider when buying a present?

Choosing the perfect gift involves thoughtful consideration of the recipient's interests, preferences, and the occasion. Here are key aspects to consider when buying a present:

  • Recipient's Interests: Tailor the gift to the recipient's hobbies, passions, and activities. A gift related to something they love shows that you've put effort into selecting something meaningful.

  • Occasion: Consider the reason for the gift—whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or a special milestone. The occasion can guide you toward appropriate gift options.

  • Relationship: Your relationship with the recipient matters. A gift for a close friend might be different from a gift for a coworker or a family member.

  • Age: The age of the recipient can influence the type of gift that would be suitable. Gifts for children, teenagers, and adults can differ significantly.

  • Personalized Touch: Personalized gifts with the recipient's name, initials, or a special date can add a unique and sentimental touch.

  • Practicality: Consider whether the gift will be useful in the recipient's daily life. Practical gifts that align with their needs can be thoughtful and appreciated.

  • Quality: Choose a gift of good quality that reflects your care and consideration. Well-made items tend to last longer and leave a positive impression.

  • Surprise Factor: If possible, add an element of surprise or novelty to the gift. Something unexpected can make the present even more memorable.

  • Sentimental Value: A gift that holds sentimental value, such as a cherished memory or inside joke, can create a deep emotional connection.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of the recipient's cultural background and beliefs to ensure your gift is appropriate and respectful.

  • Ethical Considerations: If the recipient has strong ethical beliefs, choose a gift that aligns with their values, such as sustainable or cruelty-free products.

  • Budget: Set a budget that you're comfortable with and choose a gift within that range. Thoughtfulness matters more than the price tag.

  • Avoid Stereotypes: Avoid relying on clichés or stereotypes when choosing a gift. Think about the individual rather than relying on generalizations.

  • Gift Cards: If you're uncertain about the recipient's preferences, a gift card to their favourite store or restaurant allows them to choose what they'd like.

  • Presentation: Consider how the gift will be presented. Thoughtful wrapping or packaging can enhance the overall experience.

Remember, the best gifts show that you've taken the time to understand and consider the recipient's personality and preferences. Ultimately, it's the thought and effort behind the gift that makes it truly meaningful.

What is a good Father’s Day gift?

There isn't just one kind of Father's Day present that works best because every dad is different. Something with a personal touch is what truly qualifies as an excellent gift. Sending your dad, a gift that you know he will adore demonstrates that you are aware of his tastes and interests.

You can give a gift to honour a special memory or an unspoken family joke. Look for alternatives for customisation, such as the ability to personalise a bottle opener or include a glass for the drink he prefers in a gift basket.

No matter the occasion, taking the time to choose a thoughtful and meaningful gift will undoubtedly bring joy to the remarkable women in your life.