Dining bowls

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Dining bowl WABI SABI 200 ml, brown, ceramics, MIJ
8,79 €
Dining bowl WABI SABI 600 ml, brown, ceramics, MIJ
18,99 €
Dining bowl WABI SABI 700 ml, brown, ceramics, MIJ
21,99 €
Dining bowl WABI SABI 900 ml, brown, ceramics, MIJ
24,19 €
Serving bowl KIOSK 350 ml, pink, Hübsch
27 € –25 %
20,25 €
Bowl BLUE DAISY 16 cm, 400 ml MIJ
14,99 €
Bowl DARK KURUMI 13 cm, brown, ceramic, MIJ
16,49 €
Bowl GREEN FADE 300 ml, oval, green, MIJ
12,09 €
Bowl ICE BLUE 350 ml, green, MIJ
16,99 €
Bowl ICE GREEN 350 ml, green, MIJ
16,99 €
Bowl large RO grey Blomus
Bowl large RO grey Blomus
In stock (1 pcs)
16,90 €
Bowl NORDIC KITCHEN 100 ml, black, stoneware, Eva Solo ES512702
Bowl SAND FADE 600 ml, oval, beige, MIJ
16,49 €
Bowl SANDRINE 700 ml, grey, stoneware, Bloomingville
21,90 €
Bowl WHITE FADE 300 ml, beige, MIJ
10,99 €
Bowls ETHNO, set of 2, 16 cm, clear, glass, Nachtmann
18,50 €
Dessert bowl SORRENTO 280 ml, 11,5 cm, set of 2 pcs, Zwilling ZW39500079
Dessert plate SAND FADE 20 cm, high rim, beige, MIJ
21,99 €
Dining bowl 20 cm, black /dark blue, Bitz
22 €
Dining bowl 20 cm, black /green, Bitz
21 €
Dining bowl 20 cm, black/amber, Bitz
20,10 €
Dining bowl 20 cm, black/grey, Bitz
18,95 €
Dining bowl 20 cm, black/purple, Bitz
21 €
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Dining bowl - something more than just a regular soup plate...

What is a Dining Bowl?

Bowls are the next necessary thing to have at the table next to dinner plates and serving platters. Dining bowls are simply plate-sized bowls that can be used for serving different kinds of soups (including Ramen and other types of Asian soups), pasta, salads, but also cereals. They are broad enough to hold a whole portion and deep enough to accommodate for all kinds of meals.

Dining bowls come in a variety of sizes, materials, colours, styles and shapes so you can find one that suits your preferences. We have a large selection of dining bowls in Kulina from top brands like Blomus, Revol, MIJ and Bitz. These bowls may be used for anything from breakfast to dinner.

What should I look out for when purchasing a dining bowl?

When looking for a new dining bowl, the material should be your top priority. The bowl's material has an effect on both its appearance and usefulness. For instance, wooden bowls work well for mixing or serving food but are often unsafe for heating in the microwave or the oven. Soups and stews may be reheated in ceramic bowls in the microwave, which is also a nice feature. Dining bowl made of earthenware or ceramic is hygienic and does not harbour microorganisms.

Also be sure to consider the bowl's depth while purchasing dining bowls because while deep bowls work well for soup, chilli, and stew, shallow dining bowls are ideal for pasta dishes.

Why should you consider buying a set of dining bowls?

A set of dining bowls at your table could be a good idea for a variety of interesting reasons. You can use it to make a statement and add a pinch of colour to your table setting. You may either buy a set in the same colour or design or mix colourful bowls to make your table even more dynamic.

Dining bowls come in a variety of traditional, Asian, rustic or modern patterns that can add character to your dining room. Make sure to check our offer of serving bowls and snack bowls to make your table setting complete, practical and beautiful.