Serving pans

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Serving pan DURADO 28 cm, non-stick, WMF
109 € –15 %
92,65 €
Serving pan PERMADUR 32 cm, WMF
129 € –15 %
109 €
Serving pan PROFI RESIST 28 cm, WMF
139 € –15 %
118 €
Serving pan PROFIRESIST 24 cm, WMF
119 € –15 %
101 €
Serving pan STEAK PROFI 24 cm, WMF
119 € –15 %
101 €
Casserole pot TITANIUM NOWO 24 cm, titaium, WOLL
83,99 €
Outdoor pan FP30 30 cm, with two handles, cast iron, Petromax PET700174
Outdoor pan FP35 35 cm, two handles, cast iron, Petromax PET700198
Outdoor pan FP40 40 cm, with two handles, cast iron, Petromax PET700211
Outdoor pan GP25 25 cm, two handles, Petromax
43 €
Serving pan 35 cm, oval, Mauviel
227 €
Serving pan CENIT 28 cm, non-stick, 3 l, Fissler FS45501281000
Serving pan M'COOK 20 cm, Mauviel
175,80 €
Serving pan M'COOK 24 cm, stainless steel, Mauviel ML523824
Serving pan TITANIUM NOWO 26 cm, titanium, WOLL
94,99 €
Serving pan TITANIUM NOWO 28 cm, titanium, WOLL
102 €

Serving pans – how are they different from standard frying pans and what can you use them for?

Serving pans are a great way of serving food to the table. They give your dining room the feel of a bistro and make you look more like a chef than like a home cook. Serving your dinner in a pan brings to the table a relaxed atmosphere and allows for sharing the food which is a great experience for all people gathered at the table.

What makes a pan a serving pan?

If you are wondering how a serving pan is different from a standard pan, here are some of the characteristics of pans used for serving that turn a cooking pan into a special kind of “dinnerware” (see also our best-selling serving pans here).

Serving pans:

  • come in different sizes; from small pans suitable for one person and small portions (usually made of cast iron which allows for the use of cutlery) to standard-size pans that can be used for serving dishes to the table
  • feature two small handles that make it easy to transfer them from the oven to the table
  • their edges are sometimes lower to allow for the use of a knife (this refers to small pans designed to be used instead of plates, which do not have the non-stick coating which may get easily destroyed by cutlery)
  • are very often suitable for use in the oven

What can you cook and serve in a serving pan?

There are many one-pan dishes you can cook and serve and the choice depends on the size of your pan and your creativity but the most popular things you can cook and/or serve in a serving pan are:

  • baked eggs (Mexican-style or Shakshuka)
  • steaks
  • paellas and risotto
  • fruit crumble
  • one-skillet pasta

In Kulina we offer different kinds of serving pans: elegant serving pans in different colours by Smeg and stainless steel pans by WMF or Mauviel. If you serve your dish in the pan, remember not to use metal cutlery (especially with non-stick pans) as they may destroy the coating. Use wooden or silicone serving cutlery instead.