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Liquer glass BOUQUET, set of 6 pcs, 120 ml, clear, Holmegaard HMG4803118
Brandy glass KOYOI 100 ml, clear, glass, Blomus
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Liquor glass KOYOI 130 ml, clear, glass, Blomus
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Martini glass KOYOI 110 ml, clear, glass, Blomus
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Glasses – Have a clean, transparent sip of your drink

Glasses - jewellery for your table

We use glasses on a daily basis, so they must be both durable and useful. Glasses come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, so selecting the ideal glassware set for you can be challenging.

All of our drinking glasses have lovely designs and easy-care features. We have what you need, whether you're seeking tumblers or alcohol glasses, glasses to wow your visitors or for daily necessities. You can also browse through our collection of plastic glasses to make your picnic more relaxed and tea and coffee glasses if you want to admire the colour of your favourite beverage.

How do I care for my glassware?

One of the main issues, whether your glasses are washed by hand or in a dishwasher, is soap scum and water stains. Glassware frequently develops water stains when allowed to naturally dry, and the quality of your drink is diminished by soap scum.

Always wipe the glass dry with a soft cloth that won't leave lint on the glass. To avoid streaks on the clean glass, wrap it in one microfiber towel while wiping it dry with the other.

What kind of glasses can you buy in Kulina?

  • Wine glasses

With our incredible selection of wine glasses, enjoy your wine the correct way. Our stylish assortment has everything you need, whether you want to entertain guests or unwind at the end of the day.

  • Beer glasses

Beer glasses have developed into items that do more than just contain your beer; some even work to improve the scent, retain the head, and prevent your hands from warming it. They will improve your overall beer-drinking experience and help you in seeing the colour and purity of the beer. They also make a great gift for a beer lover.

  • Cocktail glasses

With our selection of cocktail glasses, we can accommodate your preference for a dry or wet cocktail. They are ideal for shaking things up since they have more space for ice.

  • Water glasses

Aside from standard water glasses, we offer some more ornate water glasses that can be used in a more formal atmosphere or colourful glasses that will be perfect for modern interiors or your terrace.

  • Whisky glasses

Whiskey glasses are glasses with a broad rim and hefty bottom that are ideal for whiskey with or without ice. They are also perfect for mixing gin and tonic and some other alcoholic drinks.

You will also find here other sorts of glasses, including shot glasses, champagne glasses, liquor glasses, and long drink glasses, manufactured by such well-known brands as Riedel, Nachtmann, Eva Solo or Blomus.