Bamix - market leader in kitchen blenders. High quality, durability, and Swiss reliability. Mix, blend and taste!
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Hand blender MONO type C, 200 W, red, Bamix
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Bamix – the smallest food processor in the world with an impressively powerful motor

The history behind Bamix

In 1950, the Swiss engineer Roger Perrinjaquet invented a novel kitchen appliance – a hand-held blender, which was patented on 6 March 1950 under the section handheld appliances. What was so novel about it? The key advantage of his invention over conventional food processors was that it could work in the container in which the food was prepared – in the pot or in the pan on the stove. He called this new appliance Bamix - an abbreviation of the French expression for beating and mixing ("battre et mixer").

Perrinjaquet sold the patent rights in 1954 to ESGE Werner Spingler KG, founded in 1953 in Germany. Over the years the brand passed from hands to hands and in 2002 Gunsch, Rüttimann, and Stahl sold the group to Hans Jud and Erich Eigenmann whose strategy was to wholly focus on quality and a single product – the all-in-one kitchen appliance.

As of 2010, its production capacity is 2,000 blenders per day, and with its headquarters in Mettlen, Switzerland it continues to impress and inspire private cooks and professional chefs all over the world, though the appliance itself hasn’t changed a lot during the last 60 years.

As the CEO Erich Eigenmann says: ‘Today, in a slightly modernised casing and equipped with additional tools, the bamix® is the first hand-held food processor and, at the same time, the smallest food processor in the world with an impressively powerful motor.’

Bamix vision and mission

The idea behind Bamix was to provide home and professional chefs with the must-have all-in-one appliance that is powerful, easy to use and multifunctional. The bamix® name represents now one of the world’s most revolutionary kitchen appliances that every single kitchen needs.

In choosing the attachments for its appliances Bamix has cooperated with various top chefs including Jamie Oliver who also loves the power of this world-famous, light and durable hand blender and to whom the brand dedicated one of its models. Gordon Ramsey also loves Bamix and you can see on YouTube how fast he can make mayonnaise with it!

What can you do with Bamix hand blenders?

Thanks to a powerful motor and available attachments you can process both wet and dry foods easily and in particular:

  • emulsify sauces,
  • make juices,
  • mix soups and batter well
  • mix powdered ingredients
  • quickly beat, whip, blend, homogenize, aerate, and foam a variety of foods
  • grate, slice, cut, chop and grind moist and dry foods

In Kulina you can get Bamix hand blenders from different series – Gastro, Mono, Maxx, Prime, simply Healthy, Sweet Delights, Swissline and Cordless Pro which will let you take your blender literary wherever you want!