Bread & loaf pans

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Bagel baking mould, set of 6 pcs, brown, silicone, Lékué LKE0220350M10M017
Baguette baking mold, silicone, brown, Lékué
19,90 €
Baguette tray 40 cm, set of 3 pcs, de Buyer
79,10 €
Baguettetray, burgundy red, Emile Henry
136 € –16 %
114 €
Bread and baguette baking set, 3 pcs, brown, Lékué LKE3000085SURM017
Bread baking mould 300 ml, brown, silicone, Lékué
23,49 €
Bread baking mould 600 ml, brown, silicone, Lékué LKE0200600M10M017
Bread baking set, 2 pcs, brown, Lékué
37,49 €
Bread baking set, 4 pcs, de Buyer
57,71 € –11 %
50,90 €
Bread mold PROFESSIONAL 1.35 l, grey, aluminium, Eva Solo ES202031
Bread mold PROFESSIONAL 2.0 l, grey, aluminium, Eva Solo ES211121
Bread mold PROFESSIONAL 3.0 l, grey, aluminium, Eva Solo ES202033
Bread mold PROFESSIONAL 3.0 l, grey, aluminium, Eva Solo ES211122
Bread pan SILVER ELEGANCE 30 cm, black, steel, Guardini GD73030SEGNAM
Bread pan XBAKE 25 cm, blue, steel, Guardini
17 €
Bread roll baking mould, brown, silicone, Lékué
21,49 €
Cake pan NEVERSTICK2 23 x 23 cm, non-stick, square, Eaziglide EZGIMN2HF23
Loaf pan 25 cm, brown, Lékué
19,90 € –10 %
17,90 €
Loaf pan 25 x 10,8 cm, de Buyer
30,90 €
Loaf pan DELIBAKE J1640374, 30 cm, Tefal
21,99 €
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Bread & loaf pans - for homemade bread and other sweet or sour homemade pastries

What are Bread and Loaf Pans?

Loaf pans, commonly referred to as bread tins, are a type of cake pan that is usually rectangular in form and have deep walls that permit the rising of the dough. They are designed primarily for baking bread but may be used to bake a variety of other dishes, such as meatloaf, lemon drizzle, terrines, banana bread, and various loaf cakes and pates.

What should you consider when buying a bread & loaf pan?

  • Size: Decide what type of bread you are going to bake most often. In Kulina you will get traditional high-domed bread pans, longer or shorter loaf pans, as well as silicone moulds for baguettes or bread rolls.
  • Material: Aluminum, cast iron, silicone, and ceramics are popular materials used to make bread pans.
  • Features: Your baked products will slide out of the tin more easily if it has a non-stick coating, perforated holes encourage air circulation for crunchier crusts, and a cover will keep the bread nicely square.

For regularly baking bread and loaf cakes, Kulina has a variety of loaf pans available from top-notch brands such as the de Buyer, Emile Henry, Eva Solo and Lékué. A lot of our bread pans have a non-stick coating that makes it simpler to remove the loaf or cake from the pan.

What is the ideal baking pan for bread?

The appropriate pan must be used while baking bread in order for it to cook consistently and form a gorgeous outside crust. A bread or loaf pan with high edges that allow the bread to rise is designed particularly for baking bread. For consistent heating and simple removal, use an aluminium steel, non-stick bread pan. A lidded loaf pan will prevent your bread from rising, resulting in a square-shaped loaf with a uniform structure and a deep golden crust.

Is a metal pan preferable for baking bread?

Metal pans are the preferred baking method for most bakers. Metal loaf pans conduct heat easily and rapidly, allowing heat to move through the pan and then into your dough to help bake loaves more evenly.

Ready to start baking some bread? You can use a professional loaf/bread pan from Kulina's extensive collection of professional bakeware to simplify the process.