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Lid 28097512 24 cm, glass, Tefal
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Lid CONVIVIO 16 cm, stainless steel, Alessi
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Lid CONVIVIO 20 cm, stainless steel, Alessi
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Lid CONVIVIO 24 cm, stainless steel, Alessi
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Lid Otoshibuta CONVIVIO 20 cm, wood, Alessi
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Pot lid 16 cm, domed, stainless steel, Eva Solo
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Pot lid 16 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer
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Pot lid 16 cm, straining, Eva Solo
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Pot lid 18 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer
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Pot lid 20 cm, flat, glass, Eva Solo
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Pot lid 20 cm, glass, de Buyer
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Pot lid 24 cm, glass, de Buyer
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Pot lid 28 cm, copper, Mauviel
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Pot lid 28 cm, glass, de Buyer
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Pot lid 28 cm, glass, WMF
Pot lid 28 cm, glass, WMF
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Pot lid 30 cm, glass, Fissler
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Lid for your pot

Do you need a lid for your pot?

Most pots come with a lid which you may need if you want to:

  • bring something to a simmer or to a boil
  • keep heat and moisture in
  • cook faster and, as a result, use less energy
  • keep your kitchen clean as lid protects kitchen walls and worktops from greasy splatters

However if you are looking for a lid or a replacement lid for your pot, you can choose from our wide offer of glass, metal or copper pot lids of different shapes and sizes. Transparent, glass pot lids that we offer in Kulina make it easy to control the cooking process and some of them have special holes that allow steam and heat to escape. You can also choose a traditional metal lid for your pot, if it will suit your set of pots better or go for a dome metal lid which thanks to its convex shape allows the steam to concentrate inside the pot, keeping the juices and liquids in the food.

Among pot lids offer in Kulina you will also find special straining lids by Eva Solo or Fissler that are extremely practical and useful, especially if you cook a lot of pasta or if you want to drain cooked vegetables and flat lids that don’t take up too much space in your kitchen drawers and allow another pot to be conveniently placed on top of the lid.

And if you are looking for something that will be suitable for pots with different diameters you can also choose one of the universal lids that will deal with any pot or pan that you have in your kitchen cabinet.