Accessories for pots

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Pan protectors INGENIO, 4 pcs, Tefal
16,80 € –20 %
13,44 €
Insert for pressure cooker VITAVIT 22 CM, unperforated, Fissler FS61030000820
Lid handle FISH, silver, Staub
24,40 € –11 %
21,70 €
Lid handle LOBSTER, silver, Staub
24,70 €
Lid handle ND M, brass, Staub
22 €
Lid handle RABBIT, silver, Staub
24,40 € –16 %
20,30 €
Lid holder, wood, Staub
Lid holder, wood, Staub
In stock (2 pcs)
25,80 €
Pot handle cover, set of 2 pcs, for hexagon handles, Staub ST1190797
Replacement sealing ring for cooking valve, Fissler FS21641007800
Replacement valve seal for VITAVIT EDITION/PREMIUM/COMFORT, Fissler FS61000000706
Round handle for lid nickel plated large, Staub
22 €
Sealing ring set for VITAQUICK pressure cookers, 3 pcs, Fissler FS600000017060
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Accessories for pots - how can we help you?

Every item - if you use it a lot - may need a spare part from time to time and if you buy a pot in Kulina you can also buy a spare handle if the original one gets destroyed. However, among the accessories for pots that we offer, you will also find:

- spare pot handles (for the pot itself or for the lid)

- spear seals, handles, tripods, inserts and additional accessories for your pressure cookers

- protective separators for safe storage of your pots

If you are looking for pot pads make sure you check our wide offer of stylish trivets here and if you need a pot holder see what we have for you in the kitchen gloves category.

Our offer of pot accessories gets wider every time we add a new collection of pots but if you don't find here what you are looking for, contact our customer service and tell us how we can help you. We will do our best to provide you with what you need.