Shower squeegees

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Floor sqeegee MODO, black, Blomus
101,95 €
Floor squeegee JAZ 32 x 120 cm, black, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40548
Floor squeegee JAZ 32 x 120 cm, polished, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40090
Floor squeegee LAVEA, Blomus
121,38 €
Shower squeegee EASYSTORE 70535, grey, Joseph Joseph
16,40 €
Shower squeegee JAZ 24 x 21 cm, black, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40546
Shower squeegee JAZ 24 x 21 cm, matt, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40326
Shower squeegee JAZ 24 x 21 cm, polished, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40082
Shower squeegee JAZ 24 x 43 cm, black, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40547
Shower squeegee JAZ 24 x 43 cm, matt, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40327
Shower squeegee JAZ 24 x 43 cm, polished, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40083
Shower squeegee LAVEA, Blomus
40,75 €
Shower squeegee Modo, black, Blomus
40,75 €
Shower squeegee PURO 25 cm, silver, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40000
Shower squeegee RENEW, soft beige, Brabantia
25,49 €
Shower squeegee RIM 22 cm, white, metal, Zone Denmark ZO14894
Shower squeegee RIM 30 cm, black, metal, Zone Denmark ZO14895
Shower squeegee VIPO, black, Blomus
38,71 €
Shower squeegee VIPO, cream, Blomus
38,71 €
Shower squeegee VIPO, light grey, Blomus
38,71 €
Shower squeegee VIPO, taupe, Blomus
38,71 €
Shower squeegee VIPO, white, Blomus
38,71 €
Shower squeegee, black, Eva Solo
31 €
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Shower squeegees – the key to a sparkling clean shower

What are squeegees used for?

Squeegees are smooth, flexible blades, usually made from rubber that are attached to handles and are used to drag water across flat surfaces, most often to remove dirty water after cleaning windows or glass shower walls.

Squeegees from renowned manufacturers like Blomus, Brabantia, and Eva Solo are available on the Kulina website in a range of sizes, forms, materials, and sizes. For instance, squeegees used to clean windows are often built of rubber or plastic and have a long, flexible blade, but squeegees used to grout are generally made of silicon and have a short, hard blade.

What else can I use a shower squeegee for?

Squeegees are a quick and effective tool for cleaning glass and windows. They help you get rid of all excess water after cleaning, resulting in glass that’s free from streaks and spots and that sparkles like new. Squeegees, however, are more than simply effective window cleaners. They also make it simpler to polish every wet surface in your house, including floor tiles, mirrors, and shower stalls, to a brilliant sheen. Squeegees are not only effective cleaning equipment, but they are also a lot of fun to use.

If you're trying to shop for a home squeegee, why wouldn’t you be? Then, you are in the right place. At Kulina, you can get a wide variety of squeegees that are ideal for windows, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

How do I use a squeegee?

Squeegees are pleasant to use and make cleaning wet surfaces a snap. After washing a surface with soapy water or a cleaning reagent, press the squeegee firmly against the top of the surface while it is still wet. Drag the squeegee down in long, steady, unbroken sweeps to gather and eliminate all the liquid on the surface. When you get to the bottom of the surface, drag the liquid off and into a container you've set up below to hold it. Make sure the window is streak-free and spotless and if it is, repeat the process 3 to 5 times.

Some squeegees are unique and use other materials in place of rubber blades, like squeegees with microfibre pads.

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