Fissler stands for the highest quality pots and dishes made in Germany. Their simplicity and functionality go hand in hand with technology and modern design for those who value reliability.
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Casserole pot ORIGINAL-PROFI COLLECTION 16 cm, 1,4 l, Fissler FS84138160000
Casserole pot ORIGINAL-PROFI COLLECTION 20 cm, 2,6 l, Fissler FS84138200000
Casserole pot ORIGINAL-PROFI COLLECTION 24 cm, 4,6 l, Fissler FS84138240000
Casserole pot SAN FRANCISCO 16 cm, 1,4 l, Fissler
49,99 € –9 %
Casserole pot SAN FRANCISCO 20 cm, 2,1 l, Fissler
59,99 € –8 %
54,99 €
Casserole pot V 8,8 l, Fissler
189 €
Cooking pot ORIGINAL PROFI 16 cm, silver, stainless steel, Fissler FS84129160000
Cooking pot ORIGINAL PROFI 24 cm, silver, stainless steel, Fissler FS84129240000
Cooking pot SAN FRANCISCO 5,3 l, stainless steel, Fissler FS40113240000
Cookware set ADAMANT, set of 2, black, aluminium, Fissler FS156124020000
Cookware set ADAMANT, set of 2, black, aluminium, Fissler FS156125020000
Cookware set ADAMANT, set of 3, black, aluminium, Fissler FS156114030000
Cookware set ADAMANT, set of 3, black, aluminium, Fissler FS156115030000
Cookware set ORIGINAL-PROFI COLLECTION, 5 pcs, Fissler FS84378050000
Cookware set PURE, set of 4, silver, stainless steel, Fissler FS86114040000
Cookware set PURE, set of 4, silver, stainless steel, Fissler FS86115040000
Cookware set PURE, set of 5, silver, stainless steel, Fissler FS86115050000
Cookware set PURE, set of 5, silver, stainless steel, Fissler FS86114050000
Frying pan CATANIA 24 cm, Fissler
90 €
Frying pan CATANIA 28 cm, stainless steel, Fissler FS81353281000
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Fissler – the brand made in Germany

Fissler, a truly German company founded in 1845 by Carl Fissler, is one of the leading manufacturer of frying pans and woks, pots, pressure cookers, knives and various kitchen tools and accessories. It is famous for its quality and high standards as well as the durability of its products that are "made in Germany" and "made to last".

But Fissler’s story has not started with pots or pans. It all started with the introduction of the Goulash Cannon, a mobile field kitchen. In the 1920s the first aluminum pans for electric stoves were offered by Fissler and in 1953 it introduced the first pressure cooker with multi-stage safety cooking valve and the patented "Thematic" base, which made the pressure cooker safe for home use. The multi-stage safety system is used up to this day with patented technology that is continuously being developed.

Fissler. Made for what matters – brand’s values, mission and vision

Fissler’s values are simple and they are: pleasure, responsibility, craftsmanship and appreciation.

Pleasure, because cooking should not be just one more household chore. It should and can be done with passion and pleasure and well-designed, durable, efficient and good-looking cookware can let you feel love for cooking from the very first time you use them.

Fissler feels responsible for our environment and it responsibly designs and develops products that are made to last. The Fissler’s pans and pots are also manufactured in a sustainable way with spare parts available so that less waste is created and so that their products can accompany you for years to come.

Fissler company was founded in 1845 and since then it has built a unique know-how and expertise in manufacturing premium and durable cookware. Thanks to the unique combination of leading technology, craftsmanship and premium materials, Fissler’s cooking pots, pans, pressure cookers and utensils follow the highest standards in precision and quality.

Fissler appreciates the ingredients, the cook, your time, skills and passion for cooking. The brand sees cooking as fundamentally human and this is why it strives to foster individual cooking needs.

Fissler products – what’s so special about them?

All Fissler’s pots and pans have an all-stove base, which means they can be used on any type of cooker without warping or degrading. Fissler also offers the CookStar Induction Pro series, dedicated to induction cookers, that uses electromagnetic technology to heat the pots and pans, without being hot to the touch. Look for your perfect pots here.

All Fissler pressure cookers have a safety system with patented technology and meet strict quality and safety guidelines. To guarantee safety and high quality, every Fissler pressure cooker undergoes a manual "100% check" before it leaves the Fissler factory in Rhineland-Palatinate (remember? Fissler is "made in Germany" brand).

The award-winning Vitavit® Premium pressure cooker reduces cooking time by up to 70% compared to a conventional saucepan, which results in energy savings of up to 50%! You can check our offer of pressure cookers here.

Fissler offers the highest quality, modern design and durability that will save you time and money.