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Tea infuser teapot NICOLAS 750 ml, glass, Viva Scandinavia VS70400
Teapot NORDIC KITCHEN 1 l, black, Eva Solo
48 €
Teapot and teapot warmer in a set KULT, WMF
159 € –15 %
135 €
Teapot IN THE FOREST 1 l, creme, stoneware, Mason Cash
Iced tea carafe INFUSION 2 l, black, Viva Scandinavia
39,95 €
Stovetop kettle ZWILLING PLUS 1,5 l, Zwilling
122 € –9 %
111 €
Tea infuser teapot 1 l, with insulating cover, grey Eva Solo ES567487
Tea infuser teapot 1,2 l, amber, oak handle, Bitz BITZ11251
Tea infuser teapot BJORN 1,2 l, glass, Viva Scandinavia VS37901
Tea infuser teapot CALM TEA 500ml, brown, glass, Lékué LKE0303010M08M017
konvice na caj cha alessi 900 ml 1 ALNF01
Tea infuser teapot INFUSION 1 l, glass, Viva Scandinavia VS27801
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Why do I need a teapot?

Although a teapot is not indispensable to prepare tea, it is a must if you want to brew the best tea and use loose-leaf tea that all tea lovers appreciate for its deep flavour. You might be able to make a tolerable cup of tea by using a tea bag, but premium teas and dedicated tea drinkers deserve better.

A teapot will improve your tea-drinking experience a lot, especially if you actually appreciate the flavour of the tea. Making more tea at once is also made simpler by having a kettle and a generous teapot that will let you serve 4 or 5 cups of tea at the same time.

What distinguishes teapots from kettles?

  • Electric kettles or stove-top kettles are simply appliances that are used to bring water to a full boil. Teapots, on the other hand, are utensils that are used to brew and serve tea by placing dried tea or tea leaves in a tea strainer inside and hot water on top of them.
  • While teapots are often made of porcelain, glass or stoneware, electric kettles are made of metal, steel, and plastic. Still, some teapots (made from stainless steel or cast iron) can be put on the stove to keep the tea warm for longer.
  • Teapots - just like kettles - come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles but their look is much more important as you place them on your table, alongside tea cups, sugarbowls and milk jugs.

To make your tea-brewing experience even better, read our comprehensive tea-making shopping guide.

What are the most important features of teapots?

As a teapot is used to brew tea, a tea strainer seems to be the most important element of this accessory. When your tea is ready you should remove it and place it on the saucer. In some teapots, the lid serves as a plate for your tea strainer which makes the whole experience even better. Teapots should also have a comfortable handle that doesn't get hot and a lid that doesn't come off too easily. Some teapots also feature a drip-free spout that keeps your table clean. You can also choose a stylish tea cosy or a teapot warmer to prevent your tea from cooling down too quickly.

In Kulina you will find a wide offer of teapots made from glass, porcelain, stoneware, ceramics, cast iron or stainless steel. You can choose teapots in a different style - Scandinavian, minimalistic, Asian, classical, simple or a bit crazy and you can adjust their capacity to your needs. Choose a 0,5 l or smaller if you need a teapot just for you or a bigger one for your family and your afternoon, 5 o'clock tea.

Choose from premium tea-devoted brands such as Viva Scandinavia, MIJ or Bredemeijer or go for something different and check the offer by Seletti, Blomus or Kahler.