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Decanter dryer rack ON/OFF 30 cm, L'Atelier du Vin
Dekantér RIEDEL
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Dekantér RIEDEL
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Wine decanter BONDE 1,5 l, clear, glass, L'Atelier du Vin
Carafe and wine decanter cleaner, Riedel
10 €
Decanter Ayam clear Riedel
299 €
Decanter Cornetto Magnum Riedel
235 €
Decanter Curly Pink Riedel
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Decanter drainer PERFECTION, Holmegaard
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Decanter STYLE 1 l, clear, Spiegelau
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Dekantér Magnum O-Riedel
Dekantér Magnum O-Riedel
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Dekantér Sommeliers Black Tie Touch Riedel
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Horn decanter Riedel
Horn decanter Riedel
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Whisky carafe PUNK, with lid, Nachtmann
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Wine decanter 1,5 l, Lyngby Glas
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Wine decanter 1,5 l, WMF
Wine decanter 1,5 l, WMF
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Wine decanter 750 ml, Eva Solo
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Wine decanter ALPHA, Blomus
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Wine decanter ALPHA, brown, Blomus
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Wine decanter ALPHA, grey, Blomus
122,48 €
Wine decanter AYAM BLACK 1,7 l, Riedel
299 €
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Wine decanters – make your wine more aromatic and deep

What is the purpose of a wine decanter?

A wine decanter is a glass vessel used to serve wine. It is made with a broad base and a narrow neck to aerate the wine and enhance its flavour and fragrance. Pouring the wine into the decanter exposes it to air, allowing the tannins to soften and allowing the wine to "breathe".

They can be modest and plain or enormous and elaborate, and they come in a range of sizes and forms. Some decanters also have a stopper to preserve the wine's freshness after decanting.

Decanting can also be a chic and elegant method to serve wine at dinner parties or special events. When pouring wine into a decanter, you can easily use a pourer to prevent spills. You may also go through our collection of corkscrews to remove the cork from your wine bottles.

What shape is the best for a wine decanter?

Wine decanters come in a wide variety of forms and patterns, from simple and traditional to ornate and creative. When you serve wine in a wine carafe, more of the wine's surface area is exposed to the air, which helps to soften the tannins and improve the flavour and fragrance of the drink.

The ideal shape for a wine decanter improves the wine's flavour and fragrance while allowing for optimum aeration of the liquid. The best decanters for optimum aeration often have a wide base and a thin neck, like the ones we offer in our shop.

What are the differences between decanters and decanting pourers?

While both decanters and decanting pourers are used to serve wine, they are different products.

Pouring the wine into the decanter and giving it time to breathe will help to smooth out tannins and improve the wine's taste and fragrance. Decanters are intended for usage at home or in a restaurant and normally hold one to two bottles of wine. They look perfect on your dining table and are a great decoration for your home bar.

A decanting pourer, on the other hand, is a tiny spout that is mounted in the neck of a wine bottle. Its purpose is to aerate the wine as it is poured, which can enhance the wine's flavour and fragrance. Decanting pourers are usually constructed of plastic or stainless steel, are convenient to operate, and store and are quite affordable. You can use the decanting pourer to pour wine into a wine carafe or straight into the wine glass.

Wine decanters make a great present idea for every wine lover or every man, they are also a nice addition to your table setting and can be bought sometimes in a set with matching glasses.