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Glass markers RAINBOW, set of 9 pcs, L'Atelier du Vin
White wine glass TOPLINE 500 ml, set of 6, Spiegelau
Burgundy wine glass PERFECTION, set of 6 pcs, 590 ml, Holmegaard HMG4802412
Cognac glass SOMMELIERS VSOP 160 ml, Riedel
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Cognac glass SOMMELIERS XO 160 ml, Riedel
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Glasses BOSSA NOVA, set of 18, clear, Nachtmann
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Liquor glass CABERNET, set of 6 pcs, 280 ml, Holmegaard HMG4303394
Liquor glass SOMMELIERS 180 ml, Riedel
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Long drink glass SORRENTO 350 ml, set of 2 pcs, Zwilling ZW39500217
Red wine glass 390 ml, Eva Solo
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Red wine glass 400 ml, Eva Solo
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Red wine glass 500 ml, Eva Solo
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Wine glasses – Savour your wine with an enjoyable experience

Wine is often consumed and tasted from a wine glass. The ability to properly appreciate the flavour of the wine is one of the key qualities of a good wine glass, and therefore wine glasses are usually transparent, with little facets or ornamentation. Before pouring wine into a wine glass consider using a wine decanter to aerate your wine. Exposure to oxygen enhances a wine's flavour by allowing it to breathe. Decanting also softens the tannins and you can enjoy the taste even more.

What is the difference between white wine and red wine glasses?

Compared to red wine glasses, white wine glasses have smaller bowls and openings. Their walls are also less curved and stems are longer to avoid contact with the hand of a consumer. The two main types of white wine glasses are:

  • Glasses for high-acid wines (smaller, for wines like dry Rieslings, Sauvignon Blanc)
  • Glasses for full-bodied wines (for wines like Chardonnays)

Red wine glasses feature a larger surface area that helps you see and admire the wine's colour and viscosity as it is swirled around in the glass. Red wine generally needs a chance to open up and come into contact with more oxygen to enhance its taste, since the bowls of red wine glasses are usually bigger and rounded. There are three main types of red wine glasses:

  • Bordeaux glasses, glasses for full-bodied wines
  • Medium-bodied glasses
  • Burgundy glasses, glasses for light-bodied wines

How can I choose the appropriate wine glass for my needs?

As you select your wine glass, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Consider the bowl shape

The area of the wine that is exposed to air depends on how wide the bowl of the wine glass is. Additionally, it influences how much of the wine's scent is absorbed by your nose. The larger, more roundly-shaped bowls that are usually used for red wines allow more air to interact with the wine, thus you can appreciate the flavour more. Whereas the tastes and scents of most white wines are milder, a smaller glass helps direct these softer fragrances closer to your nose.

  • Consider the stem

The shorter the stem the higher risk that you will grab your wine glass by the bowl or that the bowl will come into contact with your hand. Since white wines require generally lower temperatures white wine glasses have usually longer stems to avoid warming up the wine while holding the glass.

  • Consider the rim

The wine flows more easily onto your tongue when the rim is more finely cut and lipless. A wine's acidity and harshness may be amplified by rims that are thicker and more rolled.

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And if you are a wine lover, make sure you have all the accessories that you need to open and serve your wine in a proper way. Choose a practical, yet elegant corkscrew a wine decanter or a pourer and check out our selection of wine racks to keep your wine bottles secure and avoid breakage.