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Sake set DRAGONFLY, 5 pcs, blue, MIJ
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Sake set GUNMETAL, 5 pcs, MIJ
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Cocktail glass NICK & NORA 140 ml, Riedel
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Shot glass BOUQUET, set of 6 pcs, 70 ml, clear, Holmegaard HMG4803117
Shot glass CABERNET, set of 6 pcs, 60 ml, Holmegaard
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Shot Glass CHARLOTTE AMALIE 40 ml, clear, Holmegaard
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Shot glass PERFECTION, set of 6 pcs, 55 ml, clear, Holmegaard HMG4802422
Shot glass PREMIUM, set of 2 pcs, 50 ml, clear, Rosendahl RSD29606
Spirit glass O-RIEDEL, Riedel
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Tequila glass BAR TEQUILA 190 ml, Riedel
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Shot glasses – small but powerful

What are shot glasses/vodka glasses?

Shot glasses also called vodka glasses are small, often cylindrical glasses used to serve spirits. Most shot glasses hold 25-50 ml and are commonly used to serve tequila, vodka or liqueurs.

Shot glasses and vodka glasses are both often used at bars and eateries, as well as in homes where people entertain guests or sometimes enjoy a little bit of booze.

Which alcohol can you use shot glasses for?

Generally speaking, shot glasses are appropriate for serving strong spirits that are generally consumed in tiny amounts and at once or sipped. Shot glasses can be used to serve a variety of spirits, including:

  • Tequila: Shot glasses are commonly used to serve tequila, especially when it is served with salt and a lime slice (a.k.a. "tequila shots").
  • Vodka: Shot glasses are also regularly used to serve vodka when served pure
  • Rum: Shot glasses can also be used to serve rum, including light and dark brands, pure or mixed into drinks like daiquiri or mojito.
  • Gin: Shot glasses may also be used to serve gin, whether it is served pure or mixed with other beverages to make a cocktail like the Tom Collins or gin and tonic.
  • Whiskey: Shot glasses are often used to serve whisky, whether it is served plain or mixed with other components to form a cocktail like a whisky sour or the old-fashioned.

What is the difference between a shot glass and a jigger?

While both shot glasses and jiggers are used to measure amounts of alcoholic drinks, a shot glass serves primarily as a drinking vessel while a jigger is used as a measurement instrument. A jigger is often double-sided, providing the bartender with two size options to use while making mixed cocktails so that each drink has a uniform measurement.

Our shot glasses are carefully selected from renowned manufacturers like Riedel and Spiegelau. We also offer a variety of additional glasses made specifically for different types of drinks, including cocktail glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, and long drink glasses.