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Nutcracker EM 18 cm, silver, stainless steel, Stelton
Burger press, Outdoorchef
Burger press, Outdoorchef
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Nutcracker GOURMET, WMF
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Nutcracker GOURMET, WMF
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Potato press PROFI PLUS, WMF
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Potato press, WMF
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Potato press, WMF
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Other kitchen presses – work easier and faster

There are different types of kitchen tools that can make your work in the kitchen easier and faster. Among them are various types of kitchen squeezers that are dedicated to different food. Below you will find some of them:

  • Potato presses

Potato presses are great for mashing your potatoes as well as other cooked vegetables. Robust and reliable, they are made of stainless steel and are easy to use.

  • Nutcrackers

Nutcrackers are tools designed to open nuts by cracking their shells. They come in several variations, including ratchets, screws, and levers. They can also be used to break apart the shells of crabs and lobsters so that the edible meat within is accessible.

  • Burger presses

A burger press is a culinary tool used to precisely flatten ground meat patties so they look nice and cook evenly, producing consistently round, mouthwatering burgers. The grid design on the press creates a pattern on the surface of the meat resembling a grill crate.

The majority of our presses include a nonstick surface, which makes it simple to remove the patties and keeps your appliance from being jammed with meat. You can create perfectly round patties of any size or thickness using a burger press.

At Kulina Store, we offer many other types of kitchen presses and squeezers. Make sure you check our selection of manual citrus squeezers and presses, garlic presses and potato mashers. We also offer electric food choppers and shredders that can also turn really helpful when you need to chop or shred bigger amounts of ingredients.