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Potato Masher PROFI PLUS 29 cm, WMF
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Potato masher PROFI PLUS, WMF
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Potato masher B BOIS, de Buyer
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Potato masher DELTA, foldable, Joseph Joseph
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Potato masher DUO, Joseph Joseph
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Potato masher EASY-MASH 20140, Joseph Joseph
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Potato masher GOOD GRIPS 16 cm, black, stainless steel, OXO OXO34581
Potato masher INGENIO K1181214, stainless steel, Tefal TEFK1181214
Potato masher INGENIO K2071214, Tefal
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Potato masher PRO, stainless steel, Zwilling
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Potato masher, Brabantia
Potato masher, Brabantia
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Potato mashers – a better way to deal with your veggies

Why are potato mashers the best way to mash your potatoes?

A potato masher is a food preparation tool used to smash cooked, soft vegetables like potatoes, apples or beans. When compared to other methods of mashing, potatoes mashed using a potato masher have a tendency to be fluffier and lighter in texture because the use of the tool lessens the amount of starch released from the potato's cell.

At Kulina, you can choose from a variety of potato mashers from renowned producers like Joseph Joseph and WMF.

What are the two types of kitchen tools used for mashing potatoes?

The two major types of potato mashers are:

Standard potato masher: Traditional potato masshers have a long handle with metal wires twisted into a grid pattern or slotted surface at the end. The potatoes are forced through the grid or slotted plate which gives them the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Potato ricers/ presses: A potato ricer or potato press is a sort of potato masher that mashes potatoes using a plunger and a perforated plate. The potatoes are placed into the hopper at the top of the ricer, and then the plunger is depressed to force the potatoes through the perforated plate. As a result, the potatoes have a delicate and fluffy texture after being forced through the tiny pores of a press. Check our offer of kitchen presses for a nice example of a potato press.

While both kinds of potato mashers mash potatoes very well, the texture they generate is slightly different. A potato press is preferable for generating a creamier and fluffy texture, while a wire potato masher is ideal for producing chunky or rustic mashed potatoes.

What else can I use potato mashers for?

A potato masher can be used in the kitchen for a range of other purposes besides its typical use for mashed potatoes. Some of them are garlic crushing, making guacamole, tenderizing meat, mashing canned or cooked beans, mashing other cooked vegetables, etc.

Ultimately, a potato masher is a useful kitchen accessory that can be used for a variety of tasks other than simply crushing potatoes.

And if you like cooked potatoes or other vegetables, make sure you have a good vegetable peeler to prepare your veggies in a second.