Coffee grinders

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Coffee grinder STELIO, WMF
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Coffee grinder 5KCG8433EAC, almond, KitchenAid
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Coffee grinder 5KCG8433EDG, matt grey, KitchenAid
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Coffee grinder 5KCG8433EOB, black, KitchenAid
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Coffee grinder ARTISAN 5KCG8433EMS, silver-grey, KitchenAid KA5KCG8433EMS
Coffee grinder JOLLY DOSATO, black/silver, La Pavoni
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Coffee grinder KM 3879, Severin
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Electric coffee grinder EMMA 19 cm, grey, Stelton
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Coffee grinder CGF01BLEU, black, Smeg
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Coffee grinders – a great way to prepare a perfect cup of coffee

What is a Coffee Grinder and what is its purpose?

If you are a real coffee lover you know that poorly ground beans will result in a bad cup of coffee. And you can make the best coffee - also at home saving money! - if the beans are freshly ground. This is why you need a coffee grinder (unless you have an automatic coffee machine which grinds coffee beans for you).

A coffee grinder is a tool used to grind coffee beans. Your grind size should depend on the type of coffee maker you use and on the brewing technique.

What should I look out for when buying a coffee grinder?

A few of the most important items on your checklist when trying to buy a new coffee grinder include:

  • Size of the grind

Coffee grinder settings provide you with the flexibility to adjust the size of the grind to your preferred brewing technique and, as a result, to bring out the full taste of your coffee beans.

Each brewing process employs a unique extraction procedure and may require different times and pressure under which the grounds are exposed to water. The grind size must be compatible with the brewing technique.

For instance, coarser grinds need to be exposed to water for a longer amount of time in order to get enough flavour since they have less exposed surface area. Your semi-automatic coffee maker can provide a quick, high-pressure brewing process for which finer grinds are better.

What are the types of coffee grinders?

  • Blade coffee grinders - grinding beans using an electric blade grinder is perfect for brewing coffee in ways that don't need fine grounds like French press or drip.
  • Burr coffee grinders - made up of two revolving burrs in between which the coffee is ground - significantly improve your coffee's quality. Since burrs grind with pressure rather than through chopping the beans, they result in a finer grind than a blade grinder.

We've made sure we have the greatest coffee grinders for you (as always) from top manufacturers like KitchenAid and Smeg. Look for a grinder that best suits your needs, the type of coffee maker you use and the style of your kitchen.