Drip coffee makers

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Drip Coffee Makers – Getting the best flavour of your coffee

What is a drip coffee maker and how does it work?

In a drip coffee maker, measured amounts of cold water are poured into a reservoir, where a heating element heats the water to boiling. Thanks to this, steam rises through a tube and condenses. Following this, the ground coffee placed in a filter is moistened with condensed water and starts to drip.

A carafe collects the water after it has passed through the filter and been infused with coffee. The carafe is supported by a metal plate that also has a heating element to help keep the coffee warm.

At Kulina, we have a wide variety of drip coffee makers from renowned manufacturers like KitchenAid, Severin, and WMF.

What should I consider when buying a drip coffee maker?

Brew pause

With the aid of the brew-pause feature, you can momentarily halt the brewing process and pour one or two cups of coffee before the carafe is filled. This comes in handy when you just can't wait another second for your caffeine fix.


Some of these machines are equipped with a programmable timer, allowing you to load the coffee and water in advance and enjoy your coffee whenever you like, whether that is first thing in the morning or after a long day at work.

Coffee Filter

A variety of filters are included in the design of drip coffee makers. Most filter baskets have a conical or flat bottom and are detachable. You don't have to worry about dealing with paper coffee filters because most drip coffee maker filters are reusable. There are metal and steel variants of permanent filters as well.

For more conventional coffee-making processes, you can also check through our collection of automatic coffee makers and semi-automatic coffee machines.

How do I clean my drip coffee maker?

Drip coffee makers are often considerably simpler to clean than other coffee machines because they have fewer moving parts.

When it's time to clean your drip coffee maker, discard the soaked coffee and take the filter off the appliance. You can proceed to then rinse the coffee carafe and the filter.

What is more, you should also make sure to descale your drip coffee maker at least once a month, depending on how often you use it. A certain ratio of vinegar, citric acid, or a chemical descaler can be added to the water reservoir to descale it.