Wall mirrors

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Bathroom mirror RIM 70 cm, black, aluminum, Zone Denmark ZO14643
Wall mirror RIM 50 cm, light brown, Blomus
180 €
Wall mirror RIM 80 cm, grey, Blomus
373 €
Wall mirror RIM 80 cm, khaki, Blomus
373 €
Wall mirror RIM 80 cm, light brown, Blomus
373 €
Wall mirror RIM, warm grey, Blomus
180 €
Wall mirror ROUND 76 cm, green, Fritz Hansen
950 €
Wall mirror ROUND 84 cm, pink/blue, Fritz Hansen
926 €

Wall mirrors – make your room feel larger

What do wall mirrors do for the interior?

Wall mirrors serve as versatile and impactful interior decor elements with several benefits:

  • Enhanced Space: Mirrors visually expand a room, making it feel larger and more open. Placing mirrors strategically can create an illusion of depth, particularly in smaller spaces.

  • Increased Light: Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light, effectively brightening up a room. They help distribute light more evenly and can even make a room appear sunnier and more inviting.

  • Decorative Accents: Mirrors come in various shapes, sizes, and frames, adding decorative flair to walls. They can serve as focal points or complementary pieces that enhance the aesthetics of a room.

  • Visual Interest: Mirrors introduce texture and dimension to interiors. Their reflective surfaces add complexity and a touch of sophistication, breaking up monotony in design.

  • Artistic Reflections: Mirrors can capture and reflect the beauty of art, furniture, and architectural details, allowing you to enjoy multiple perspectives of your decor.

  • Illusion of Height: Tall mirrors can create a vertical focus, visually elongating the height of a room, which can be particularly useful in spaces with lower ceilings.

  • Balance and Symmetry: Placing mirrors symmetrically or in pairs can create a sense of balance and harmony in a room's layout.

  • Functional Use: Mirrors are practical for personal grooming and outfit checks, especially when placed in entryways, hallways, or dressing areas.

  • Views and Scenery: Mirrors can be positioned to capture outdoor views, greenery, or interesting architecture, effectively bringing the outdoors indoors.

  • Small Spaces: Mirrors are particularly beneficial in small rooms or narrow hallways where they can make the area feel less cramped and more inviting.

  • Design Statement: Mirrors can serve as statement pieces, showcasing unique frames or shapes that reflect your personal style.

Overall, wall mirrors contribute to the aesthetics, functionality, and overall ambiance of an interior. By carefully selecting their placement and design, you can harness their transformative power to elevate your living spaces.

Our decorative wall mirrors come in a wide range of sizes and forms for your house or apartment, allowing you to give each space its own individual style. Wall mirrors are a great way to bring your room design together and can help you make more space in your house. Mirrors are fantastic for creating the appearance of space and opening even the tiniest studio flats or corridors! We also have a collection of standing mirrors. Look at them!

How do I clean a dirty wall mirror?

To get rid of all dirt on your mirror, first, eliminate any dust with a dry cloth. Then, gently clean the mirror with a wad of crumpled newspaper that has been dipped in water and a tiny bit of vinegar. For a streak-free finish, simply glide over the surface in a vertical or horizontal motion rather than attempting to work it in. Be careful not to let the frameless mirror's edges become or stay wet for an extended period. Use a clean cloth to buff the surface to a brilliant gloss.

What should I consider while choosing a mirror?

When choosing a wall mirror, it's important to consider the size of the space, the décor, and your own tastes. If you want to check your look in a mirror, you will need one that is bigger and at eye level. If you want to utilize a mirror to make the room appear larger, you can choose one that is wider than it is tall.

If you want to add style to a space, choosing a mirror with an eye-catching frame or one with an unusual design, like the mirror flower on Kulina, are fantastic options.

At Kulina, we try to give you a wide range of alternatives for your home. That is why we offer an extensive collection of wall mirrors for sale on our website, including wall mirrors from manufacturers like Blomus, Bloomingville, and Zone Denmark.

Wall mirrors grace us with their presence, offering a multitude of options to suit every space and style. From petite and delicate frames that whisper of subtle beauty to grand and majestic mirrors that command attention, there is a size for every vision and a reflection that speaks to your unique taste.