Tea light holders

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Tealight holder ROLL brass, Hübsch
29 € –25 %
21,75 €
Candle holder NERO, smoky glass, Blomus
23,80 €
Decorative bowl ARENA 30 cm, silver, Philippi
115,50 €
Hanger for GRAVITY CANDLE lantern, Höfats
9,95 €
Lantern CALMA 14 cm, light grey, Blomus
15,25 €
Lantern CALMA L 22,5 cm, light grey, Blomus
33,61 €
Lantern CALMA M 22,5 cm, light grey, Blomus
22,39 €
Lantern CALMA, set of 2 pcs, 14 cm, grey, Blomus
24,43 €
Lantern CALMA, set of 2 pcs, 14 cm, smoke, Blomus
27,49 €
Lantern GRAVITY CANDLE M90, Höfats
48 €
Oil lamp LUCIE 17,5 cm, amber, Stelton
34,95 €
Oil lamp LUCIE 17,5 cm, azure, Stelton
34,95 €
Replacement glass for GRAVITY CANDLE lantern M90, Höfats HO080102-05
Tealight holder 7 cm, burgundy, Lyngby
21,95 €
Tealight holder 7 cm, clear, Lyngby
21,95 €
Tealight holder 7 cm, green, glass, Lyngby
21,95 €
Tealight holder ACORN set of 2 pcs, clear glass, Eva Solo ES571373
Tealight holder ACORN set of 2 pcs, grape, Eva Solo
29,95 €
Tealight holder ACORN set of 2 pcs, pine, Eva Solo
29,95 €
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Tea light holders – for decorative lighting of your room

What is a tea light holder?

A tea light holder is a type of candle holder made specifically to house a tea light candle. Tea light candles are small, spherical candles. Tea light candle holders are available in many different designs, dimensions, and materials, such as glass, metal, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Tea light holders can be plain and simple or meticulously crafted and decorated with different accents like gems, beads, or patterns. In Kulina we offer design tea light holders from well-known brands like Philippi, Eva Solo, and Blomus. Our candle holders will add an intimate atmosphere to the interior and a pinch of great design!

Tea light holders are often used as ornamental items to make a space feel inviting and warm. They can be positioned on shelves, tables, or any other flat surface to offer a gentle, flickering light to the area. Tea light holders can also be used to give a sense of elegance and beauty to the decor during special events or occasions like weddings, banquets, or parties.

Tea light candles can be also used with some lanterns - especially those that resemble small houses.

Where can I use tealight holders?

You may use tea light holders to create a warm, inviting atmosphere around your home. The following are some typical areas where tea light holders are used:

  • Dining table: You can add tea light holders to your dining table setting to make it feel warm and welcoming when you're having meals and when you invite friends for dinner
  • Living room: Tea light holders can also be placed on coffee tables, side tables, or shelves to add a warm and inviting glow to your living space.
  • Window sill: You can put some tea light holders on a window sill to make your house feel calm and serene but keep it away from curtains.
  • Bathroom: Tea light holders can be used to create a spa-like atmosphere when taking a soothing bath in the bathroom.
  • Bedroom: To create a calm and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, place tea light holders on dressers or bedside tables.

In general, you can use tea light holders in any room of your house to give a calming, pleasant glow, they are adaptable and can be utilized to create many moods and environments.

Are tealight holders a good present idea?

Tealigh holders, just like any candle holder or candles make great presents. A beautiful scented candle can be offered as a present to your loved one or a friend to express your passion and love.

When choosing a gift, make sure you check our offer of taper and dinner candle holders, scented candles and home diffusers.