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Table runner MOSS 50 x 150 cm, Foonka
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Table runners – make a statement with our eye-catching table runners for any occasion

What is table runner?

A table runner is a little cloth strip that is used to dress up and cover a dining table. It is often positioned in the middle of the table, parallel to the length of the table, and is intended to show off the beauty of the table while offering protection from dings and spills.

Our table runners are available in a variety of materials, widths, lengths, colours, and patterns to match various dining design styles.

They can be used alone or stacked on top of a tablecloth for additional design, and they are a flexible method to add visual interest to a dining table.

What is the difference between a table runner and a tablecloth?

Table runners and tablecloths differ primarily in size and area covered.

Tablecloths are often used for more formal settings since they completely cover the table, giving it a refined and attractive appearance. They come in a range of sizes and materials, and they can be used to give the dining area a unified and coordinated look.

On the other hand, table runners are a more informal alternative and are often used for casual events or regular eating. They are often more slender than tablecloths and are made to highlight the beauty of the table while safeguarding it from dings and spills.

What are the benefits of using table runners?

Table runners are a crucial component of dining room design for a number of reasons:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Table runners provide a dining table with an added layer of visual interest, acting as the eye's focal point and providing a splash of colour or pattern to the room's overall design.
  • Versatility: Table runners can be used in a variety of ways and can be found in a wide range of fabrics and colours. They can be changed out annually or for special events to fit individual tastes and preferences.
  • Easy to clean: Table runners are usually easier to clean than full tablecloths, as they are smaller and can be removed and washed more easily. They are therefore a sensible option for regular usage, for houses with young children, or for homes with pets.

Table runners are a crucial part of any dining design since they offer both practical and aesthetically pleasing benefits.

To further enhance the luxurious feel of your dining experience, whether, with your family or guests, you can also shop for placemats, napkins, and coasters in addition to your table runners.