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Deep plate LEGIO NOVA 25 cm, Eva Solo
27,95 € –20 %
22,36 €
Creme brulee dish FRENCH CLASSICS 14 cm, 160 ml, REVOL RV615018
Deep plate ADELIE 17,5 cm, black, REVOL
17 €
Deep plate ADELIE 17,5 cm, cream, Revol
17 €
Deep plate ADELIE 23,5 cm, cream, REVOL
26 €
Deep plate ADELIE 27 cm, black, REVOL
29 €
Deep plate ADELIE 27 cm, cream, REVOL
39 € –25 %
29 €
Deep plate ALL-TIME 22 cm, white, Alessi
16,50 €
Deep plate ARBORESCENCE 19 cm, pepper, REVOL
33 €
Deep plate EQUINOX 24 cm, matt black, REVOL
34 €
Deep plate EQUINOX 24 cm, pepper white, REVOL
35 €
Deep plate EQUINOXE 15 cm, matt black, REVOL
22 €
Deep plate KINTSUGI 1 22 cm, white, Seletti
82 €
Deep plate KINTSUGI 3 22 cm, white, Seletti
82 €
Deep Plate LEGIO 25 cm, Eva Solo
24,95 €
Deep plate LEGIO NOVA 25 cm, Eva Solo
26 €
Deep plate MESH 20 cm, white, Rosenthal
23 €
Deep plate NORDIC KITCHEN 20 cm, black, stoneware, Eva Solo ES502792
Deep plate PILAR 20 cm, dark grey, ceramic, Blomus
19,33 €
Deep plate PILAR 680 ml, cream, Blomus
19,33 €
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Soup plates – for serving soups, pasta, salads and more

What are soup plates used for?

Soup plates are deep plates or shallow bowls (depending on how you see it) that are typically used for serving soup or other liquid foods. Soup plates, which differ from conventional dinner plates by being larger and deeper, are perfect for serving broths, stews, chowders, and other foods of a similar kind. Also, the soup plate's larger rim provides space to put away inedible bits or for a piece of bread that may be offered with the soup.

Soup plates can also be used for serving other dishes like pasta, salads, and desserts.

What is the ideal size for a soup plate?

The optimal size for a soup dish might vary based on individual preferences, but a typical soup plate normally has a diameter of between 14 cm and 30 cm. This allows for a satisfying portion of soup to be served without spilling to the edges of the plate.

What is the difference between a soup plate and a soup bowl?

A dining bowl and soup plate are primarily distinguished by their shapes and sizes. In general, soup bowls are deeper and narrower than soup plates, which are often flatter and wider.

A soup plate is a flat, shallow dish with a wide rim that is often used for serving soup, stews, and other liquid-based dishes. They can also be used for serving pasta, salad, and other dishes.

On the other hand, a soup bowl is a deep, rounded dish without a flat part of rim. As they are deeper they keep the soup, chowder or goulash hot for longer. Dining bowls may be also used for serving cereal, rice, and other dishes.

In Kulina we have a large offer of soup plates in different styles and shapes, from premium brands like Revol, Eva Solo, and Blomus. Also, you can check out other products that you may need if you are a fan of soups, such as tureens, soup spoons and tablespoons.