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Kids hooks & hangers – functional and stylish items to keep your kids organised

What are kids' hooks and hangers?

A wall storage unit is your best option if you are limited in space for storage. These kid's hooks and hangers can be added to your child's bedroom, playroom, or even walk-in closet to provide you with exactly the kind of storage system you want.

This collection of kid hooks not only provides a place for your child's stuff but also gives them an extra bit of household responsibility. At Kulina, we have a great collection of kids' hooks and hangers that will complement the style of any child's room, whether it be a girl's or a boy's bedroom.

Why should I have hooks for my kids?

Hooks provide an advantageous option for independence, organisation, safety, and the formation of good habits. Kid’s Hook encourages organisation and reduces clutter by offering a defined area for people to hang their items, such as jackets, backpacks, and hats. This not only keeps their living space tidy but also makes it simple for them to find their belongings.

Additionally, kids' hook allows for personalization and expression of their personality, as well as saving time during the morning rush and making the area safer by reducing tripping risks.

How do I install a kid’s hanger?

Like a conventional hook, installing a kid's hook and hanger is very easy. Start by deciding on a good area that is within reach of your youngster. Assemble the required equipment, which should include a drill, screws, a screwdriver, a level (if desired), and a measuring tape. Use wall anchors for support when putting on the plasterboard. Drill a hole, place the anchor, and use screws to install the hook or hanger. However, if you're hesitant or uneasy about the installation, talk to a qualified handyman or get advice from a knowledgeable person.

Check out Kulina’s collection of kids' hooks and hangers to find suitable and convenient features that will add style to your child's space and if you need more storage solutions, make sure you check our selection of toy storage boxes.