Icing & decorating spatulas

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Icing & decorating spatulas - turn your cake into a work of art

What is an icing Spatula?

Icing spatulas, as their name suggests, are mostly used for spreading icing, spreading filling between cake layers, and evenly spreading buttercream on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Icing and decorating spatulas have usually long handles that keep your fingers away from the cream or icing and have usually long, narrow and a bit flexible blades most often made of metal.

Your spatula should fit comfortably in the hand and the blade should be sturdy but flexible at the same time to help you get nice, smooth edges.

Among our cake-decorating spatulas, you will also find some baking and dough-scraping spatulas that will help you in mixing batter and scraping mixing bowls.

Check our offer of premium baking accessories from reliable manufacturers such as de Buyer or Zwilling.

What is the best type of spatula for icing the cake?

An offset spatula is the right tool to get the icing on top of your cake. This type of spatula has a blade attached to a handle with an offset angle. The shape gives you more control than a standard spatula, and the angle creates space between your hand and the cream, preventing you from accidentally dipping your knuckles into the layer you are working on. The angled blade is also helpful in lifting the food out of pans, moulds or baking trays.

How do I use a decorative spatula?

  • Before using it, dip your spatula in hot water to prevent icing from adhering to it.
  • Use the flat side of your icing spatula to add the first layer of icing or sealing in crumbs to create a crumb coat. This layer may be rather thin. Put your cake in the fridge for 30 minutes after applying the crumb coat.
  • Place a dollop of frosting on the cake's second layer's top and spread it out to make a level surface. After that, cover the cake's sides with icing using your icing spatula. Keep this going until the entire cake has been coated.

How do I maintain my icing spatula?

  • Always run your spatula under hot water before using it to prevent the icing from sticking to it.
  • Never use your icing or decorating spatula for anything other than decorating your cakes. Avoid using it to open lids (not to mention cans!) and avoid striking the edge of the blade over a hard surface to avoid damaging, chipping or scratching the blade. This will result in layers of icing with a pattern you would never want to achieve!
  • Hand-wash your spatula right after you finish using it and dry it with a soft cloth.