Flower pot Blomus

13 items total
Flower stand KENA 41 cm, light grey, Blomus
230 € –7 %
212 €
Flower stand KENA 40 cm, beige, Blomus
230 € –7 %
212 €
Flower stand KENA 40 cm, steel grey, Blomus
230 € –7 %
212 €
Flower stand KENA 55 cm, steel grey, Blomus
159 €
Flower stand KENA 55 cm, taupe, Blomus
159 €
Flower stand KENA 55 cm, warm grey, Blomus
159 €
Flower stand KENA 80 cm, beige, Blomus
219 €
Flower stand KENA 80 cm, steel grey, Blomus
219 €
Flower stand KENA 80 cm, warm grey, Blomus
219 €
Flowerpot COLUNA ⌀ 14 cm, dark grey, Blomus
24,49 €
Flowerpot NONA S 15 cm, light grey, porcelain, Blomus BM65975
Flowerpot NONA S, brown, Blomus
33,61 €
Flowerpot NONA, 12,5 cm, dark grey, Blomus
33,61 €

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