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Brunch knife NUOVA, set of 2 pcs, WMF
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Cutlery set ART DECO, 66 pcs, silver, WMF
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Cutlery set to-go MY2GO, with case, grey, WMF
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Dining cutlery set ATRIA, 30 pcs, WMF
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Dining cutlery set BOSTON, 30 pcs, WMF
219 € –15 %
186 €
Dining cutlery set BOSTON, 60 pcs, WMF
289 € –15 %
245 €
Dining cutlery set DENVER, 30 pcs, WMF
219 € –15 %
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Dining cutlery set FLORENCE, 60 pcs, WMF
299 € –15 %
254 €
Dining cutlery set FLORENZ, 30 pcs, WMF
229 € –15 %
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Dining cutlery set INDIAN SUMMER, set of 3 pcs, Dellinger
Dining cutlery set KENT PLUS, 30 pcs, WMF
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Dining cutlery set KENT PLUS, 66 pcs, WMF
749 € –15 %
636 €
Dining cutlery set KULT PLUS, 30 pcs, WMF
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Dining cutlery set KULT PLUS, 66 pcs, WMF
749 € –15 %
636 €
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Dining cutlery sets - your dining perfect set

Dining cutlery sets are sets of tableware containing a spoon, knife and fork. In fact, any hand-held tool used for eating or serving food is considered dining cutlery (also known as flatware or silverware). Stainless steel is the most common material used to make dining cutlery sets (with mirror polished or matt finishing) but if you are looking for a more refined table setting you may also want to buy a cutlery set with black, gold or brass finish). With the right dining cutlery set, all that is left is to choose matching dinnerware, serving cutlery and glassware and you are ready to enjoy your meal in style. You may also want to check our steak cutlery sets if you're looking for a more specific cutlery set for cutting your meat.

How do I store my dining cutlery sets?

Cutlery Tray: A cutlery tray is a shallow tray with compartments for an entire set of dining room cutlery. Trays come in a variety of materials and sizes, ideal for different types of cutlery, and are designed to fit into a kitchen drawer or dresser. A cutlery tray will prevent cutlery from getting mixed up and make it easier to choose the right cutlery for everyday use, as well as setting the table for special occasions.

Cutlery box: Most often made of wood, often upholstered with leather or other material, a lockable box for storing cutlery. A soft velvet lining placed inside protects the cutlery set from scratches. Cutlery sets are often offered in special cases attached to the product, which makes storage much easier.

What is the dining cutlery set usage protocol at the dinner table?

Generally speaking, utensils are positioned in the order of usage; from the outside in - this is the first and most fundamental rule to get you going. Another norm you can follow when putting your cutlery set on the table is that knives and spoons go to the right of the dish, whereas forks go to the left. (unless you are going to need the oyster fork, this one goes to the right of the plate).

In Kulina online store you can find a wide selection of high-quality cutlery sets as well as many other items for your dining room. We have a great selection of cutlery from well-known, reliable, premium manufacturers including WMF and Zwilling. And if you want your kids to learn how to use cutlery we also offer a selection of dining cutlery sets for kids.