24 items total
Bathroom organiser BOTTICHELLI M 4,5 l, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1446121
Bathroom organiser BOTTICHELLI M 4,5 l, natural grey, Koziol KOZ1446120
Bathroom organiser BOTTICHELLI M 4,5 l, white, Koziol KOZ1446125
Bathroom organiser BOXXX L 15 l, desert sand, Koziol
17,95 €
Bathroom organiser BOXXX L 15 l, nature grey, Koziol
17,95 €
Bathroom organiser BOXXX L 15 l, white, Koziol
17,95 €
Bathroom organiser BOXXX M 3,5 l, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1404121
Bathroom organiser BOXXX M 3,5 l, nature grey, Koziol
11,95 €
Bathroom organiser BOXXX M 3,5 l, white, Koziol
13 €
Bathroom organiser BOXXX S 1 l, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1405121
Bathroom organiser BOXXX S 1 l, nature grey, Koziol KOZ1405120
Bathroom organiser BOXXX S 1 l, white, Koziol
6,95 €
Bathroom organisers set RENEW 3 pcs, soft beige, Brabantia BRAB223501
Bathroom organizer BOTTICHELLI S 1,5 l, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1445121
Bathroom organizer BOTTICHELLI S 1,5 l, natural grey, Koziol KOZ1445120
Bathroom organizer BOTTICHELLI S 1,5 l, white, Koziol KOZ1445125
Kitchen storage jar POP S, set of 2 pcs, pink, Hübsch HU660908
Kitchen storage jar, set of 3 pcs, grey, Brabantia
25,49 €
Kitchen storage jars, set of 3 pcs, white, Brabantia
25,49 €
Pen holder POP L, set of 2 pcs, blue, glass, Hübsch HU660913
Storage container LOVE IN A BOX 19 cm, white, Seletti SLT09928
Toy storage basket MILUS, set of 2 pcs, brown, Bloomingville BV82053634

Containers - get organised with ease

What are containers used for?

They say a tidy space represents a tidy mind and storage containers allow you to clear away the mess and, in some cases, hide it from sight altogether. We offer a plethora of options to pick from when it comes to storage containers. Not only in materials but in style, size, and use.

These containers are wonderful for both the storage and movement of items whether at home or at work. At Kulina, we have good-quality storage containers made by top brands such as Bloomingville, Brabantia, Hübsch, and Koziol.

What can you keep in a storage container?

Storage containers are versatile tools for organizing and decluttering various areas of your home. Here are some items you can keep in storage containers at home:

  • Clothing: Store seasonal clothing like winter coats, sweaters, and summer dresses in containers to free up closet space and keep them protected from dust and pests.

  • Bedding and Linens: Use containers to store extra bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and duvets. This helps keep them organized and easily accessible when needed.

  • Toys and Games: Keep children's toys, puzzles, board games, and building blocks neatly contained in storage containers, making clean-up and organization a breeze.

  • Books and Magazines: Store books, magazines, and other reading materials in containers to prevent them from becoming clutter and to keep them in good condition.

  • Craft Supplies: Organize art and craft supplies like paints, markers, papers, and fabrics in containers to create a tidy crafting area.

  • Office Supplies: Use containers to store pens, pencils, notebooks, paper clips, and other office supplies, keeping your workspace organized and efficient.

  • Kitchen Items: Store pantry staples like flour, sugar, pasta, and cereal in airtight containers to maintain freshness. You can also organize kitchen utensils, gadgets, and small appliances in containers.

  • Cleaning Supplies: Group cleaning products together in containers for easy access and to prevent spills and leaks.

  • Tools: Keep tools like screws, nails, tape measures, and small hand tools in containers to have them readily available for home repairs and DIY projects.

  • Electronics: Store charging cables, headphones, and small electronics in containers to prevent tangles and keep them protected.

  • Seasonal Decorations: Use containers to organize and store holiday decorations like ornaments, lights, and wreaths, ensuring they stay safe and intact until the next holiday season.

  • Medicine and First Aid Supplies: Keep medications, bandages, and other first aid supplies organized and accessible in labeled containers.

  • Cables and Cords: Store spare cables, cords, and chargers in containers to avoid tangles and confusion.

  • Photographs and Keepsakes: Keep sentimental items like photographs, letters, and keepsakes protected and organized in containers.

  • Pet Supplies: Organize pet toys, treats, grooming supplies, and other pet-related items in containers.

Remember to label your storage containers for easy identification, and consider using clear containers to quickly see what's inside without opening them. By utilizing storage containers effectively, you can create a more organized and clutter-free living space.

Shall I choose an open or closed storage container?

Open and closed storage containers offer distinct advantages for organizing spaces at home. Open containers, with their accessible design, provide quick and convenient access to frequently used items. They are perfect for displaying decorative pieces, books, or items that you want to keep within easy reach. Open storage promotes a sense of openness and visual appeal, making it suitable for showcasing collections and adding personality to a room. On the other hand, closed storage containers, such as bins with lids or drawers, offer a tidy and concealed solution for items that you want to keep out of sight. These containers are ideal for maintaining a clutter-free look and protecting items from dust and potential damage. Closed storage is particularly useful for storing seasonal items, personal documents, and belongings that aren't in regular use. By strategically incorporating both open and closed storage containers, you can achieve a harmonious balance between accessibility and organization in your living spaces.

For a wider range of items used in storage, you can check out Kulina collection of bathroom organisers, magazine racks, shoe cabinets, and clothes racks.