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Cheese slicers – Giving you a seamless slice through your semi-hard and hard cheese

Cheese slicer – an Osthyvel

A cheese slicer also referred to as an Osthyvel in Swedish, is a type of kitchen slicer specifically designed to cut semi-hard and hard cheeses.

A modern cheese slicer was invented by Thor Bjørklund in 1925 in Norway and its design was based on the carpenter's plane.

In Kulina you will find many types of cheese slicers (including ones based on the original Ostehvel) from top manufacturers like Fiskars and Zwilling. Make sure that the cheese slicer you choose, matches the type of cheese you want to slice, serve or eat most often. And if you are a fan of cheese and if you add it to your pasta dishes, you can also check our collection of kitchen graters for some great cheese graters.

Which cheese types can you slice with a cheese slicer?

A cheese slicer can be used to cut several kinds of cheese, such as:

Hard Cheeses: Using a cheese slicer is the best option for slicing hard cheeses like cheddar, parmesan, and gouda. These cheeses can be sliced into thick or thin slices, according to your preference.

Semi-Hard Cheeses: A cheese slicer can also be used to cut semi-hard cheeses like Swiss, Havarti, and provolone. They can take a little more pressure to slice because they are a little softer than hard cheeses.

For soft cheese types check our collection of cheese knives that you can use for cutting and serving cheese during a dinner with friends. If you want to serve your French or Italian selection of cheese in the best possible way, check also the selection of cheese and tapas boards that we offer in Kulina.

How to slice cheese?

Sliced cheese can be used for making sandwiches or as served as a snack or dessert to your guests. No matter what you want to use your cheese for you should slice it in a way that makes it look tasty. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Place the cheese block on the cutting board. Remove and discard any wrapping that may be covering the cheese.

Slice the cheese block using a cheese slicer or a knife. The special construction of a cheese slicer prevents it from sticking and ensures all slices are of similar thickness. Cut it in a single, smooth stroke.

Continue until you have cut enough cheese for your guests. The remaining portion of the cheese can be kept in the fridge for later. Make sure you take out the cheese you want to serve at least a few hours before serving it. Cheese needs to get warm to release its full aroma.